Keeping Tabs…

Keeping Tabs…

17201 Greg Losier – Serving Military Police Officer and Owner of Grapnel Security Solutions

17806 Travis Brooks – Engineering Test Pilot, National Aircraft Certification, Transport Canada

26659 Danielle Andela – Finance Officer at Canadian Armed Forces | Forces armées canadiennes

6541 Fraser Holman – Senior Mentor – part-time at Canadian Forces: Canadian Forces College (Toronto)

21256 Kristen Raby – Melbourne Operations Manager at Nova Systems

24610 David Fenoulhet – Professional Engineer with Management Experience

25202 Christopher Iverson – Engineering Intern

20237 Kris Phillips – Section Head – Public Affairs at Royal Canadian Navy

17244 William Quinn – J1 Personnel – Canadian Joint Operations Command

15185 Bill Truelove – Canadian Defence Attaché to the USA

19403 Michelle Taylor – HR/OD Consultant and Executive Coach at Delta88 Consulting