Keeping Tabs

Keeping Tabs

21424 Hassan Khan – CEO at quantius

13607 Jacques Comtois – Vice-President and General Manager at L-3 MAS

18954 Jean Traynor – Air Combat Systems Officer (Navigator)

19421 Jake Trainor – Chief Operating Officer at PAL Aerospace

13605 Greg Caws – President, Premier’s Technology Council

21256 Kristen Raby – Melbourne Operations Manager at Nova Systems

24122 Nick Deshpande – Vice President, Product Development at Zenedge

M0997 Matt McTaggart – Assistant Professor of Chemistry

20828 Sandra (Radcliffe) Hingston – Communications and Electronics Engineering Officer

22148 Patrick Hutcheson – Flight Test Engineer

24268 Leona Ahn – Army Logistics Officer

11746 Derrick Bouchard – Dean of Engineering at the Royal Military College of Canada