Keeping Tabs

Keeping Tabs

24477 Trevor Guile – MBA Candidate at Warwick Business School

14344 Bruce Poulin – Senior Communications Representative at Lockheed Martin Canada RMS

25739 Brittany Sage Brown – Naval Officer in the Royal Canadian Navy

18215 Todd McClure – Senior Site Deployment Specialist

20901 Dawn Burgess Lima – Subsurface and Development Manager at Bonanza Creek Energy, Inc.

12746 Jean Marc Drolet – Gestionnaire aguerri et ingénieur sénior

17884 Shannon Matechuk – Field Labourer

15946 Jill Carleton – Veteran, Executive & NFP Boards. Military mom. Fascinated by people, strategy, governance & organisational excellence.

18419 Paul Turner – Director, Military Products Division at Scepter Canada Inc.

10218 F. Paul Crober – CEO Grey Hill Consulting Inc

17825 Kirsti Domay – GM , Strategy & Operations Executive, Turn Around Manager, Consultant, Start-Up Ethusiast

7278 Peter Fosbery – Corporate Financial Planning at Baicorp Financial