Keeping Tabs

Keeping Tabs


22319 Barrett Bingley – Global Partnership Lead – World Ocean Initiative and Director, North Asia Content Solutions

23166 Andrea Hanley – Director, Data Services Centre at University of Calgary

15705 Andy Wykurz – Business Transformation Architect/Enterprise Architect at Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)

22799 Maryse Therrien – CC177 Deputy Weapon System Manager (DND)

18351 Paul Jackson – Executive Director, Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley

23381 Joel Rubletz – Engineer Squadron Commander

 Bernd Horn – Military & Security Analysis, Research and Writing

24896 Véronique (Lussier) Fournier – Construction Engineer

24228 Matt Lorrain – Security Architect at Esri

16412 Gordon Clarke – Director, Engineering & Regulatory Affairs at Cesaroni Technology Inc.

M0991 Shaun Goodfallow – Staff Officer Health Services Support Contract

M0931 Kari Elvidge – Real Estate Sales Professional