Keeping Tabs

Keeping Tabs…

25888 Joseph Martin – Naval Warfare Officer

8063 Dave Neely – Professional Training and Development Consultant

24000 Cherilyn Dignan – Masters Environmental Applied Science Candidate – Sustainable Systems

22130 Rob Waller – Project Close-out Lead at PMO HCM/FELEX

21069 Karyne Framand – Australian Defence Force

18803 Michael Black – CMA Commercial Product Planner at Bridgestone Europe

23913 Martin Douglas – Operations Officer at 2 Combat Engineer Regiment

16807 Todd Sharp – Senior Aviation Advisor at Canadian Joint Delegation to NATO

E6557 Clarke O’Reilly – Product Advisor at Forbes Waterloo Toyota

24103 Robyn Scholes – Senior Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Officer (SAMEO) at 425 ETAC

15504 Diane Kotelko – Lead Systems Engineer at Magellan Aerospace (formerly Bristol Aerospace)

9869 Clément Fortin – Dean of Education, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology