Keeping Tabs

Keeping Tabs…

19967  William O’Gorman – Flight Test Engineer at Transport Canada – Transports Canada

20860 Cindy Tessier – Head of Communications, Lockheed Martin Canada

 10194 Brian Akitt – President at CANAVAIR Associates INC

17169  Stephan Labelle – MDS (Public Administration)

24039 Melissa (Marshall) Gilbride – Engineer Officer

6440   Anthony Goode – Associate Consultant at CFN Consultants Atlantic

M0916 Greg Fleming – Consultant

 21023 Caroline Belley – Logistics Officers

 E1855 David N Quick – National Director, Secure Transport at GARDAWORLD

M0929 Geordie Cheeseman – Youth Worker

22377  Natalie Laparé – Human Resources, workplace relations

24122  Nick Deshpande –  Vice President, Product Development at Zenedge

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  • Jean Caron

    April 4, 2018 at 7:35 am

    Not sure where you’re getting your info, but Caroline has retired from the CF a couple of months ago… close to a year I think… Great loss for the CF. Salut Caro!