Keeping Tabs

16827 Kristina Patsula – Certified Executive Coach ACC / Corporate Performance Management and Talent Management Adviser for National Defence

17384 Dave Rudnicki – Manager Contract Operations at Canadian Commercial Corporation – Corporation commerciale canadienne

15737 Bryan Brulotte – President & CEO, MaxSys

17595 Telah Morrison – Director Logistics Programs-Strategic Joint Staff

21462 Dan Faux – Engineering Manager at EZ STAK

15034 Rudy Scholaert – Regional Director at Execaire, a Division of I.M.P. Group Limited

 24656 Murray McClafferty – Masters of Applied Science – Computer Network Security

2944 John Reid – Retired

25068 Victoria (Clouthier) Blakie – Supply Officer at Department of National Defence

25185 Ash Clouthier – Bachelor of Arts – BA at Royal Military College of Canada/Collège militaire royal du Canada

24110 John Wernham – Law Student at Queen’s University and Founder of Campton’s Cider Company

G6819 Conrad Orr – Defence and Security Researcher