Keeping Tabs

10757 Doug Stinson – Equipment Maintenance Manager

21069 Karyne Framand – Retired RCAF and RAAF Officer

19492 Troy Richard – Chief of Staff at Major Product Delivery (Sea), Department of National Defence

25397 Jhordan Dorrington – Associate, Sales

18414 Helena Ziegler – UK Student Recruitment Manager at University of Aberdeen

20158 Andrew Gower – Professional Engineer and Primary Reserve Combat Engineer Officer

14424 Hugh Ellis – Cyber/IT Security Consultant

16506 Susan Whitley – Family Physician Carlington Community Health Centre and Health Services Officer at RCMP

13908 Russell Mann – CEO & Senior Consultant

E1844 Corleen Gallinger – Head of Library Services – Dubai International Academy

20660 Jean-Paul Pendergast – French Immersion Teacher at Stonepark Intermediate School

23868 Alexandre Lessard – Lawyer at Gasco Goodhue St-Germain