Keeping Tabs

23573 Jessy Brown – Store Manager

17287 Barbara Allen – Senior Lecturer at School of Government Victoria University

22471 Shannon Goudie – Health Care Admin at Department of National Defence

13252 Pat McAdam – Military Consultant

18401 Celine Razeau – Physiotherapist and co-owner at Back in Motion Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre

20468 Jason Furlong – Operations Officer, VX-1, US Navy

24010 Breanne Gibson – Nutritionist, Educator, Regenerative Lifestyle Coach, Healthy Soil Advocate, Permaculture Consultant

M224 Jim Hessel – Senior Project Manager

16955 Pat Dray – Founding Partner at DRAY LAW

8120 Bill Gard – Independent Military Professional

25013 George Chu – Combat Systems Engineering Officer

22525 Jodi-Jane Longley – Air Combat Systems Officer