Keeping Tabs

18903 Jeff Smyth – Director at NORAD

17096 Carina DePellegrin – Senior Legal Counsel – Intellectual Property and Technology Law

11742 Alan Beveridge – Principal Consultant at ITeam Consulting

18354 Daniel Keen – Marcom | Branding | Icom (IC) | Visual Concepts for all marketing channels | Content and Content Editing | Olive Oil

21217 Corinna Heilman – Director Sustainment Strategy and Readiness at Strategic Joint Staff

19416 Jeremy Stowe – Director General, Operations and Client Experience at the Canada School of Public Service

21907 Annalise Schamuhn – Army Officer (ret’d) – specializing in leading teams by facilitating cohesion, creativity and constant evolution

10962 Bruce Lazenby – Adviser at Corum Group Ltd.

20797 Devon Matsalla – Director of Logistics and Engineering Services. Moving to Queensland, Australia.

15569 Paul Romano – Senior Partner and Program Management Consultant at HubSpoke

10420 Charles Kaszap – Chair, Finance Review Committee, RMC Club of Canada

20767 Andria Ink – Program Manager – Employee Engagement