Keeping Tabs

15588 Jamie Williams – Retired at Retired

27146 Claire Theriault – Logistic Officer – 2nd Battalion Royal 22e Régiment at Canadian Armed Forces

13260 Matthew Overton – Defence and Security Professional, Retired at Home

M0432 Murray Johnson – Senior Director Business Development at Babcock Canada Inc.

26477 Gerry Menard – Acquisiteur de talents (Assurance de dommages et comptabilité)

19100 Johanne Charest – Director Newfoundland, Labrador and Nova Scotia District

14965 Brad Goble – CEO Goble Consulting

26259 Victoria Shortridge – Naval Engineer at Canadian Armed Forces

17309 Derek Buxton – Vice President of Business Development at Vard Marine Inc

18832 John Graham – Chief, Strategic Warning Office at NATO HQ

23245 Gina Decarie – Officer Commanding the Headquarters and Regimental Administration Officer at Canadian Forces Joint Signal Regiment

22617 Michael Gough – Deputy Judge Advocate at Office of the Judge Advocate General