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u/k Darrell Martin – Retired Naval Officer

13004 Stuart Moors – 37 Year Canadian Forces / Naval Career

9047 Don Chipman – Managing Director at LeadOn Training Solutions

24263 Jenna Autet – Communications and Electronics Engineer at Canadian Forces

23382 Annie Sheink – Instructor for Communications & Electronic Officers

2893 Bud White – President – Battle of Britain Memorial Trust Fund

7151 Russell Moore – Corporate and Not -For- Profit Director

7516 Ian Sanderson – Over 30 years experience in negotiating, drafting and review of contracts for hardware and software systems for military and aerospace applications in Canada, the United States and internationally.

M0774 Patrice Cayouette – Aerospace Engineer at Department of National Defence

20554 Melanie Bouchard – Logistics Officer at Department of National Defence

25456 Bruce Sheasby – Infantry Officer at Department of National Defence

25492 Mohamad Iskandarani – Master’s student at Royal Military College of Canada