Keeping Tabs…

Keeping Tabs…





Heather DeChamplain – Sr Engineer at Amtek Engineering Ltd

Véronique Fournier – Construction Engineer at Canadian Armed Forces | Forces armées canadiennes

Natalie Laparé – Human Resources and Administration for Department of National Defence and Past Director on MFRC BoD

Vanessa Larosée – Officier Logistique chez Ministere Défense

Steve Jourdain – Chef d’état-major de la 2e Division du Canada – Chief of staff 2nd Canadian Division

Paul Joudrey – Healthcare Consultant

Duncan Redburn – Infantry Officer at Department of National Defence / Ministère de la Défense nationale

Norman K Sherman – Professional Physicist

John Kay – Transportation EIT at Stantec

Corey Shelson – Digital Marketer

Cody Wylie – Maritime Surface/Sub-Surface Officer In the Royal Canadian Navy

Jason Furlong – P-8A Operational Test Director at US Navy