Keeping Tabs…

Keeping Tabs…





Twyla Rettman – Staff Pharmacist at Fittons IDA Pharmacy

Dawn Dussault – I have not only broken the glass ceiling, I destroyed it

Kelsey Chang – Career counsellor at Canadian Armed Forces

Suzanne M. Bastien – Directrice, Politique et Governance \ Director, Policy and Governance

Chris Haines – Regional Vice President, Western Canada at Sentry Investments

Luke Schauerte – General Manager Tight Reservoirs Development at Shell

Brad Graham – System Engineer at 6807968 canada Inc

Maurice Arsenault – Directeur des services d’architecture et de génie at Department of National Defence

Gerry Champagne – Senior Executive in Public and Private Sectors

Nicholas Scheurkogel – Senior Manager at Department of National Defence

Tim Addison – Owner and Senior Consultant, Sunridge Defence Consulting Services, Ltd.

Alan Smith – Strategic Business Analyst at Department of National Defence