Keeping Tabs / Gardez un œil sur eux

21669 Marie Lubiniecki – Health Services Executive at Canadian Armed Forces

18079 Patrick Boyle – President, Skillpad Canada Inc.

17222 Leroy Murphy – President Chartered Professionals in Human Resources Newfoundland and Labrador

19728 Sarah McMillan – Chief of Staff at Federal Fleet Services Inc

16195 Maurizio Braggio – Project Manager, Technical Expert and Planner in Aerospace and Joint Operations

13367 Serge Caron – Vice-Présidence / Direction – Amélioration Continue Excellence Opérationnelle / Qualité / Logistique

17686 Nadine Fortin – Stimulating leadership to create more organizational value

22911 Joshua Kutryk – Astronaut at Canadian Space Agency

16542 Philip Garbutt – Senior Vice President Global Support at PAL Aerospace

22962 Nicole Lunstead – Deputy Director, Responsible Business Practices (Policy) Global Affairs Canada

23717 Tim Abbott – Armour Officer (Major) in the Canadian Armed Forces

7855 Paul Hession – Professional Engineer