Kingston Branch: Looking Ahead

Kingston Branch: Looking Ahead

Article by: 11027 Ken Watkin (photo left)

The Kingston Branch of the RMC Club will be holding its Annual General Meeting on 3 May 2017 at the RMC Senior Staff Mess (SSM). It will follow the regular monthly luncheon – which starts on or around noon.

The Branch is particularly interested in attracting new members to the Executive to help shape how they can better meet the needs of RMC graduates from the Belleville to Kingston to Brockville to Smiths Falls area.

Membership in the RMC Club is open to all graduates of RMC as well as ex-Cadets. The Branch is undergoing a “strategic renewal”. More information on the renewal program can be found at the News tab of the Branch website:

Building upon the success of its heritage work, and assistance to the RMC Museum, the Branch is exploring new ways to provide support to the cadets/students, RMC and the RMC Club while also expanding its membership.

Proposed activities include mentoring, assistance in recruiting, and networking opportunities designed to permit busy alumni to participate. There is a particular desire to attract new members from the Kingston area.

The Branch is focused not only on ex-Cadets, but also the many other alumni who have had the opportunity to study at RMC (e.g. graduate students, distance learning graduates). One goal is to bring Branch alumni activities more in line with those carried out by other University alumni organizations (pub nights, networking, etc.).

Joining the executive provides an excellent opportunity to give back to the College, and make a difference.  For more information about joining the executive contact [email protected].