Learning to grapple with the difficult training challenges ahead


Senior Cadets Take Charge!

By: 25337 Chris Manning – Cadet Wing Public Information Officer (CWPIO)

Though the arrival of the majority of the cadet wing was this past weekend, there has been a group of nearly 200 cadets who have been hard at work for a week already. These cadets have been engaged in the barmen workshop, with the development of the skills necessary to lead in the dynamic environment that RMC presents as its goal.

The cadet leadership focused on a wide variety of issues that affect the daily lives of the entire cadet wing. Some example topics included harassment training sessions and information sessions on the College Training Plan, a document which governs the requirements of the RMC program.

Among the many presenters was the Director of Cadets, Lieutenant Colonel Susan Wigg, who constantly shared her perspective on leadership with the bar slate candidates. Other presenters included members of the Training Wing Staff, Athletics Department staff, to add to the Squadron and Division Commanders who were present to impart their knowledge on the cadet wing.

A notable new development in this year’s workshop was syndicate work, which was comprised of scenarios developed to test and promote critical thinking amongst the prospective leaders. This component presented several of the leadership challenges that senior cadets will meet in the carrying out of their duties.

Overall, the bar slate workshop provided the necessary information to send the new bar slate into the upcoming academic year with the tools to lead the wing. This workshop stressed responsibility and accountability in leadership as the cadets prepare to grapple with the difficult training challenges that will exist as future officers in the Canadian Forces.


Photos by: Alex Zaporzan

Caption: Cadets Eager to Lead – This past week the RMC Training Wing delivered the bar-person workshop to the Cadet Wing bar slate — CWC to Section Commander — with the intent of preparing cadet-leadership for the semester to come. This occurred in the form of briefings, group-discussions and practical exercises. Key points stressed within ranged from CF ethics, accountability, and the responsibility and courage for bar-persons to maintain an open dialogue with the Training Wing for the betterment of the College.

With First Year Orientation Period (FYOP) now in full-swing, and most of the Cadet Wing returned, the year has begun, and no doubt these coming months will be a test of the cadet-leadership in demonstrating a commitment to the material imparted this past week