Legacy Dinner 2016

Legacy Dinner 2016: Through the eyes of a IV Year

27182 (IV) Carmen Kiltz – e-Veritas correspondent

We walk into the New Gym shortly after 1800hrs, and the familiar, generally empty space is now filled impressively with long tables dressed with white tablecloths, mood lighting, photographs and yearbooks of past graduating classes, unique decorations, and TV screens giving a glimpse of the entire setup.

Putting the setup aside, I, along with my fellow fourth-year acquaintances, are soon immersed in conversation with the many friendly faces of ex-RMC cadets. This annual gathering welcomes military college Alumni, and all are welcome to attend.

This year those classes who graduated in years ending in 1 and 6, as well as those celebrating milestone anniversaries, were specifically invited.


Also present were those who participated in La Chasse-Galarie. Ex-Cadets paddled a voyageur canoe from Ottawa to Kingston to raise money for the Danny McLeod Athletic Endowment Fund. The 202km journey ended with the boat’s arrival on Thursday at RMC, whereby the paddlers were in proud attendance at the Legacy Dinner. This year they managed to raise the most funds yet- over $150 000!

The program of events was a fine combination of dinner and toasts, presentations, and entertainment which included the RMC Pipes, Drums, and dancers.

Not explicitly on the program, however, was the opportunity to connect with these ex-RMC cadets. This was very special. It allows us, for just a moment, to place ourselves in the shoes of those that have been where we are now, and it makes us wonder what the future holds in store for us. This future is very exciting, as all the ex-Cadets have fascinating stories to tell. What’s more, it is very interesting to hear the stories of these ex-Cadets and to compare their life at RMC with life now at RMC. In one word, perspective is certainly gained, and being amidst the various graduating classes was an eye-opener to the RMC community and connections beyond the college after graduation.

Following the dinner, the ex-Cadets were “stolen” and brought to various squadrons to sing “Goodnight Saigon” with the first year cadets, who were preparing to run the obstacle course the following day. This is a very special moment for everyone in the squadron, as it connects generations of cadets in a way that is specifically unique to RMC. I still recall when, in my first year, Chris Hadfield sang Goodnight Saigon and played guitar to us. This is a moment that will stay with me for the rest of my life! I am enjoying the RMC community now, and am very much looking forward to the close-knit group that exists outside of the college upon graduation.

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