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  • Looking back 30 years: The future Of RMC through the eyes of Dr. Wayne Kirk, February 1988

One Comment

  • Morley Hunter

    July 9, 2018 at 2:07 pm

    Dr Kirk was my favourite professor in the Civ Eng department. I once aspired to be a “Dr” of civil engineering, but here I am about to retire as a Dr of dentistry. I’m a “foundation engineer “ on a very small scale, placing dental implants instead of the piles I had placed for the Chilliwack river bridge. I can’t see any evidence of the work done by the British field squadron in 1971 ,for which I was liaison officer , when I look on goggle earth. Not even sure you could drive to the south end of Chilliwack Lake on the road we blasted out of the side of the mountain. There were two bridges, one NEB with large wood piles that I helped a logger select, and a Bailey bridge over a smaller stream. Anyone know what has happened to the park. Sapper Park??