Reunion Weekend for Red & White Sailing Regatta – Sold Out! UPDATED

Regatta – sold out !

We now have 18 people registered.

Any extra would go on the waiting list, in case.

Basically, we will have the following:

– Boat 1: Class of 90+ (5 people) 1 PCOC (Boucher, Brassard, Durand, Rousseau, Holmse)

– Boat 2: Class of 95 (5 people) many PCOC (Monteiro (2), Maloney, Lay, O’Forman)

– Boat 3: mixed classes (5 people) 2 PCOC (Carr, Fraser, Conod, Puddington, Scuka)

– Boat 4: Class of 90 (3 people) 1 PCOC (Duchesne, Labonté, Melancon)

– Boat 5: RMC Cadets (5 people)

Already looks like a Race !

The boat 2 team seemed to have already sailed together.

The class of 90 boats are full of low experienced sailors, and never sailed together (since 1990)

The mix boat has a mixed experience, ranging from 40 years of international races (Don Carr) to a few enthusiasts

So it will be really fun, but let’s keep realistic expectations about the racing… 

See you in a few weeks in Kingston !

Dominique Duchesne, ing. M. Ing.


RMCC Red and White Sailing Regatta

The RMCC Sailing team is inviting all Ex-Cadets to the RMCC Red and White Sailing Regatta. RMCC has been working hard to create a sailing capacity over the past few years and is proud to announce that RMCC is very capable of running a successful sailboat racing regatta. The NOR and SI’s will be promulgated, once it is confirmed that there is some interest. This is a call for an X-cadet to volunteer their time to work with the RMCC CCWO in finding 15 Ex-Cadets that are interested in forming 3 Ex-Cadet J24 racing teams. The college will supply all sailboat and support vessels required.

The concept in general is as follows:


Race Format- Fleet Racing

Date- Saturday- September 26th 2015

Time- 1300-1700

Location- Kingston Harbour

Boats- J24

Team composition- 5






Teams- RMCC, Ex-Cadet team 1(Truth), Ex-Cadet team 2 (Duty), Ex-Cadet team 3 (Valour)

Awards Ceremony is to be held at the boat house or other suitable establishment.

UPDATE: If there is anything else –

You can register for this event at the following link:

Hurry as there are a few places left.  This will turn out to be a great event full of fun and adventure, and no doubt, a new tradition for the ex-cadet week-end !

CPO1 / PM1 Keith Davidson

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Department of National Defence / Government of Canada

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