Lost e-mail addresses – Can you help us out?


When we send out the e-Veritas notice every week, we usually have about 500 or so (from a list of over 7,000) that bounce back.  The reasons are: filter / firewall restrictions; address has expired and there are a host of other reasons to long to list.

We compiled this list a few months ago.  Consequently, some of the addresses may be been updated.  Which would be good news!

If you recognize a college number / name from the list below and you have a current address for them, would you contact them.  We would like to include them on our e-Veritas list and update our records at Panet House.  Please send new e-mail address to [email protected] Please, please not directly to Bill Oliver.

Many thanks for taking the time to review the list.

4146 William (Bill) Payne [email protected]

4161 George Viner [email protected]

4231 Norm Lee [email protected]

4239 Gordon Whatman
[email protected]

4277 William Wood [email protected]

4353 Kurt Reckziegel [email protected]

4356 Frank Vieni [email protected]

4496 Gordon McCulloch [email protected]

4501 Wallace Steiner [email protected]

4588 Robert Kompf [email protected]

4618 Jack McMeekin [email protected]

4659 Georges Bernier [email protected]

4661 Murray Roland [email protected]

4668 Gilbert Ratto [email protected]

4736 John Dunick [email protected]

4762 Jules Pilote [email protected]

4763 Al Way [email protected]

4815 Michael Jackson [email protected]

4878 Bruce Buvyer [email protected]

4897 Dennis Draves
[email protected]

4930 Andrew Kipiniak [email protected]

4968 Chuck Smulders [email protected]

4993 Leon Rouillier [email protected]

5003 Robert McLean [email protected]

5011 GH Lamacraft [email protected]

5023 Dean Smith [email protected]

5037 Francois Lalande [email protected]

5081 Andy Chryssolor
[email protected]

5087 Claude Cadotte [email protected]

5090 André Tremblay
[email protected]

5110 Cecil Merritt
[email protected]

5172 Hugh Colquhoun [email protected]

5333 Gaetan Boyer [email protected]

5381 Raymond Hession [email protected]

5438 Dennis Reilley
[email protected]

5472 James Colbeck [email protected]

5476 Raymond Dziver [email protected]

5491 Paul Jefferson
[email protected]

5560 Robin Fraser
[email protected]

5574 Eion Lawder
[email protected]

5607 Robert Spickett [email protected]

5616 William Voort [email protected]

5627 Louis Boulanger
[email protected]

5678 Michel Besnard
[email protected]

5825 John Loye [email protected]

5907 Wayne Hutchinson [email protected]

5957 John Thomas [email protected]

6026 Richard Aubin [email protected]

6131 Robert Fischer [email protected]

6142 Larry McDonald [email protected]

6172 James Faulkner
[email protected]

6181 Anthony Halliday [email protected]

6232 Frederick Chapman [email protected]

6293 Royston Prichard [email protected]

6522 Alastair Cole [email protected]

6540 John Hilton [email protected]

6592 Robert Beardmore [email protected]

6616 Stephen Crutcher
[email protected]

6647 Mitchell Kryzanowski
[email protected]

6697 Gary Umrysh [email protected]

6703 Allan Wilson [email protected]

6731 Gordon Todd [email protected]

6746 Neil Kleinsteuber [email protected]

6894 Al Burke [email protected]

6897 David Campbell [email protected]

6922 Peter McCreary [email protected]

6948 Mac Wall [email protected]

6958 John Barker [email protected]

6965 Jim Bird [email protected]

7004 Byron Hinton [email protected]

7014 Gary Larson [email protected]

7079 Cliff Williams [email protected]

7281 Charles Gale [email protected]

7284 Art Grabham [email protected]

7309 Jeffrey Sawchuk [email protected]

7336 John Beese [email protected]

7366 Douglas Hall [email protected]

7373 Helmut Hartung
[email protected]

7383 Calvin Johnson [email protected]

7449 Barry Watkin [email protected]

7646 Yuri Cvitkovich
[email protected]

7687 Wayne Pettipas [email protected]

7723 Paul Beswick [email protected]

7886 Pierre Dufault [email protected]

7890 Robert
[email protected]

7997 Guy Rajotte [email protected]

8016 Vaughan Bentley [email protected]

8019 John Carlson [email protected]

8070 David Rothwell
[email protected]

8146 Mel Lee [email protected]

8148 Nick Lundhild [email protected]

8241 Michael Caines [email protected]

8317 John Lutes [email protected]

8335 Claude Naud [email protected]

8366 Douglas Taylor-Munro [email protected]

8378 Basil Wheeler [email protected]

8415 Jerald Fryer [email protected]

8429 Glen Johnston [email protected]

8495 Wayne Douglas [email protected]

8528 Guy Jeffery [email protected]

8534 Attila Kostya [email protected]

8597 Bob Usher [email protected]

8606 Jean-Paul Dulude [email protected]

8633 Gilles Brodeur
[email protected]

8667 Peter Flewwelling [email protected]

8743 Magella Potvin
[email protected]

8760 Serge Sirois [email protected]

8837 Charles MacLennan [email protected]

8856 Brian Pashley [email protected]

8889 David Caddey [email protected]

8934 Vince Kennedy [email protected]

9001 Warren Wasylik [email protected]

9046 Marc Charlebois
[email protected]

9102 Ronald Holdway [email protected]

9113 Gilles Lambert
[email protected]

9171 Roger Ricard
[email protected]

9390 Ian Malcolm
[email protected]

9458 Adrien
[email protected]

9493 Berthier
Desjardins [email protected]

9519 Michel Gonthier
[email protected]

9626 Reno Vanier [email protected]

9731 Garth Walker [email protected]

9765 Norm Duinker
[email protected]

9860 William Werny [email protected]

10022 Jean-Marc Pigeon [email protected]

10048 Geoff St-John [email protected]

10129 John Jussup [email protected]

10155 Gregory Mitchell [email protected]

10171 Robin Saunders [email protected]

10261 Rick Liss [email protected]

10263 Donald Lovell [email protected]

10301 Dennis Shaefer
[email protected]

10383 Edmond
Chiasson [email protected]

10445 Jean Lord
[email protected]

10555 Boyd Foster [email protected]

10569 Gary Hook [email protected]

10587 David Long [email protected]

10612 Richard Primorac [email protected]

10633 Henry Van Keulen
[email protected]

10639 Glenn White [email protected]

10673 Brian Edlund [email protected]

10677 Randy Evanchuk [email protected]

10683 Kim Grant [email protected]

10700 Graham Keene [email protected]

10732 Mike Pacey [email protected]

10812 Andre Chiasson
andrech[email protected]

10815 André Corriveau [email protected]

10859 Benoît Marcotte
[email protected]

10914 Bradley Bergstrand
[email protected]

10960 Joseph King [email protected]

11097 Brett Johnson [email protected]

11103 Denis Kolba [email protected]

11144 Charles Shawcross
[email protected]

11176 Conrad Bouchard [email protected]

11356 Paul Downie [email protected]

11431 Roger Walmsley [email protected]

11434 Paul Ward [email protected]

11532 Ken Mislan [email protected]

11540 Glen Nordick [email protected]

11582 John Willow [email protected]

11607 Louis Allard [email protected]

11646 Marcel Duquette [email protected]

11714 Denis Rouleau
[email protected]

11735 Steve Allan [email protected]

11841 John Stecyk [email protected]

11842 Peter Straubel [email protected]

11962 Alfred Smith [email protected]

12022 Jacques Bolduc [email protected]

12179 Robert Hills [email protected]

12207 Kevin McCarthy [email protected]

12283 Keith Gladstone [email protected]

12355 Ian Yeates [email protected]

12449 Richard Milot [email protected]

12503 Jocelyn
Boucher [email protected]

12624 Claude
[email protected]

12625 Arthur
[email protected]

12653 R Davis
[email protected]

12656 Douglas Doyle
[email protected]

12666 Richard Harris [email protected]

12693 Edward Marak [email protected]

12708 Ian Poulter [email protected]

12720 Cornelis Steenken
[email protected]

12809 Andre Fournier [email protected]

12818 Daniel Gregson [email protected]

12858 Dominic Prud’Homme
[email protected]

12903 Henri St-Martin [email protected]

12984 Stephen Laplante
[email protected]

13013 Yves Pelletier
[email protected]

13030 Yvan Robichaud
[email protected]

13068 Peter Atkinson
[email protected]

13070 Luc Barbeau
[email protected]

13078 Daniel Blain
[email protected]

13107 Chrys Forest
[email protected]

13113 Claude Hebert
[email protected]

13139 Mitchell Macleod [email protected]

13150 Rob Morrow [email protected]

13169 Vincent Reynolds [email protected]

13177 Normand Scantland
[email protected]

13220 Conrad Greer [email protected]

13230 Ryan Jestin [email protected]

13285 Alan Stewart [email protected]

13419 Yvon Gaudreau
[email protected]

13602 Gary Bush
[email protected]

13615 Pierre Derome [email protected]

13661 John Moffet [email protected]

13666 Steven Noonan [email protected]

13709 James Atkins [email protected]

13738 Chris Hadfield [email protected]

13778 Paul Pelletier [email protected]

13983 Richard Atwood [email protected]

13991 Frederick Bigelow [email protected]

14001 Marc Clark [email protected]

14016 Richard Fawcett [email protected]

14261 Richard Gravel [email protected]

14312 Tony MacIver [email protected]

14354 Patrice
Rondeau [email protected]

14391 Al Ayotte [email protected]

14406 John Chess [email protected]

14414 Donald Demers [email protected]

14497 Frederick Schumacher [email protected]

14516 Ali-Khan Hussain [email protected]

14598 John Moloney [email protected]orporation.com

14601 Doug Morley [email protected]

14607 George Pankiw [email protected]

14786 Michel Leclerc
[email protected]

14930 Les Broderick [email protected]

14986 Carol Werner [email protected]

15003 Michael McKay Michael

15004 Karl Michaud [email protected]

15117 Ted Giles [email protected]

15152 Scott McVicar [email protected]

[email protected]

15228 André Beaulieu
[email protected]

15230 Robert
Beauregard [email protected]

15241 Pierre
Bouchard [email protected]

15392 Martine Martin [email protected]

15429 John Pinsent [email protected]

15473 François Viens [email protected]

15546 Jim McEwen [email protected]

15569 Paul Romano
[email protected]

15589 Geoffrey Wilson [email protected]

15635 Douglas Greenfield [email protected]

15646 Ryan Johnson [email protected]

15688 Marc Shaw [email protected]

15720 Sylvain Bigras
[email protected]

15757 Gerald Demeules
[email protected]

15867 Christian Ouellette [email protected]

15901 Karl Saad [email protected]

15990 HP Kissmann [email protected]

15993 Gaston Lamontagne [email protected]

16008 Paul Miller
[email protected]

16041 Michael Sekerka-Bajbus
[email protected]

16048 Julie Famularo [email protected]

16068 Todd Balfe [email protected]

16086 Spencer Fraser
[email protected]

Main [email protected]

16147 IB Stewart [email protected]

16202 Bruno
Carpentier [email protected]

16330 Luc Nadon
[email protected]

Perron [email protected]

16538 Wayne Eyre [email protected]

16579 Heather MacCharles
[email protected]

16586 Scott Ross [email protected]

16662 Stéphane Corbin
[email protected]

16707 Darren Hawco [email protected]

16743 Henri Legros [email protected]

16828 Gregory Bain [email protected]

16835 Robert Boyd [email protected]

16840 Norman Brownstein [email protected]

16890 Kevin Norton [email protected]

16936 Steve Andrec [email protected]

17002 Warren Prokopiw [email protected]

17017 Barbara Pierce [email protected]

17153 David Hiscock [email protected]

17156 Danny Jean [email protected]

17223 Madonna Mushrow MacIsaac
[email protected]

17278 Élizabeth Vézina
[email protected]

17299 Edward Bennett [email protected]

17309 Derek Buxton [email protected]

17326 John Dullaert [email protected]

17347 Jillian Bishop [email protected]

17355 Anthony Kepczyk
[email protected]

17364 Bruce Martin [email protected]

17389 Todd Smart [email protected]

17390 Ronald Sprung [email protected]

17479 Tory Lopes [email protected]

17484 Kirby McBurney [email protected]

17541 Paul Dittman [email protected]

17641 Nathalie
[email protected]

17644 Rene Bourassa [email protected]

17666 Stéphane Desjarlais [email protected]

17694 Robert Gionet [email protected]

17755 Pierre Riopel [email protected]

17804 Craig Braddon [email protected]

17818 Luc Cournoyer [email protected]

17838 Alan Fitzgerald [email protected]

17877 Tara Lee MacLeod [email protected]

17929 Tanya Koester [email protected]

17974 Sally Fereday [email protected]

18139 Yves Gauthier [email protected]

18301 Art Ceballos
[email protected]

18326 Marc Elrick [email protected]

18344 Andrew Hawrylak [email protected]

18499 Derek Miller [email protected]

18581 Daniel Bouchard [email protected]

18591 Alain Chabot [email protected]

18607 Sherry Lachine [email protected]

18615 Benoit
[email protected]

18653 Stephen Goulet [email protected]

18688 Mark Larsen
[email protected]

18702 Jean-François
Martel [email protected]

18735 Philip Ratté [email protected]

18793 Jason Armstrong [email protected]

18808 Damian Brooks [email protected]

18814 James Ceraldi [email protected]

18841 Doug Howe [email protected]

18955 Peter MacSween
[email protected]

18984 Rod Doucet [email protected]

18985 Stephen Carius [email protected]

19025 Andrew Barrett [email protected]

19035 John Klatt [email protected]

19050 Daniel
[email protected]

19081 Emmanuel
Bélanger [email protected]

19209 Paul McCormick [email protected]

19466 Howard Gabert
[email protected]

19485 David Saunders [email protected]

19488 Carolyn Horne [email protected]

19567 Patrick MacNamara
[email protected]

19732 Isabelle
Ouellette [email protected]

19735 Mark Parsons
[email protected]

19784 Paul
[email protected]

19819 Paul Dumais
[email protected]

19862 Lori-Ann Kidman [email protected]

19895 Jason Oblinski [email protected]

19913 Chris Rumpel [email protected]

19960 Sean McDowell [email protected]

19975 Bryan Bedard [email protected]

19983 Cameron Fisher [email protected]

19987 Scott Treadwell [email protected]

19992 Glen Westerhof [email protected]

19995 Michael Teeple
[email protected]

20084 Melanie Boudreault
[email protected]

20103 Eric Charland [email protected]

20110 Isabelle Corriveau [email protected]

20124 Marie Barker
[email protected]

20140 Michel Fleury
[email protected]

20253 Natalie Robichaud [email protected]

20295 Kimberly Baker [email protected]

20303 Assad Bouayed [email protected]

20381 Eric Plourde
[email protected]

20432 Aaron Novecosky [email protected]

20598 Jisca Guérin [email protected]

20704 Matthew Allen [email protected]

20766 Chris Hunt [email protected]

20786 Christian Lillington [email protected]

20797 Devon Matsalla
[email protected]

20846 Timothy Scott [email protected]

20854 Tania Prendergast [email protected]

21082 Marco Grenon
[email protected]

21104 Richard Kinner
[email protected]

21130 Robert
[email protected]

21134 Anny Métivier
[email protected]

21136 Marilynn Chenette
[email protected]

21181 Sebastien Thibault
[email protected]

21238 Barbara Honig [email protected]

21241 Ruth Coates [email protected]

21252 Paul La Hay
[email protected]

21262 Aaron Malek
[email protected]

21276 Scott Murphy [email protected]

21355 Erik Folmer [email protected]

21495 Andrew Masschelein [email protected]

21497 Chris McKenna [email protected]

21616 Stéphane Briand
[email protected]

21682 Chantal Shea [email protected]

Robichaud [email protected]

21725 Diane Baldasaro
[email protected]

21732 Margaret Bondy [email protected]

21753 Jennifer Cullen [email protected]

21789 Damon Tedford
[email protected]

21889 Michael Arnot [email protected]

21915 Maxime Britt-Coté
[email protected]

21978 Katherine Haire [email protected]

21979 Deanna Harris [email protected]

21983 Karen Higuchi [email protected]

22181 Jason Quilliam [email protected]

22246 Francois Dionne [email protected]

22253 Rockwell Cronk [email protected]

22261 Adam Battista [email protected]

22311 Mitch Rivest [email protected]

22329 Nathan Schauerte
[email protected]

22358 Thomas Lacroix [email protected]

22384 Allan Thomas [email protected]

22424 Rowena Peden [email protected]

22447 Peter Robinson [email protected]

22459 Kerri-Ann Iwanonkiw
[email protected]

22493 David LeBlanc [email protected]

22551 Vincent Chouinard [email protected]

22630 François Morin
[email protected]

22671 Mathew Wereley
[email protected]

22706 Jennifer Mundy [email protected]

22722 Tina Benjamin [email protected]

22854 Sean Boak [email protected]

22892 Jonathan Lafontaine [email protected]

22926 Richard Benjamin [email protected]

22975 Matthew Maurice [email protected]

23052 Laurent
Simard-Cournoyer [email protected]

23056 Bradley Fee [email protected]

23119 Joseph Boates [email protected]

23142 Andrew Davidson [email protected]

23158 Kristina Gray [email protected]

23218 Louis Oblin [email protected]

23222 Tyler Park [email protected]

23256 Jesse van Eijk [email protected]

23364 Ashley Oliver [email protected]

23382 Annie Sheink [email protected]

23426 Shannon Brown [email protected]

23506 Garrett Milne [email protected]

23513 Cory Niemi [email protected]

23516 Paul Hambleton [email protected]

23539 Jami Leigh Suchan
[email protected]

23547 Nicolas Verreault
[email protected]

23553 Shing-Fai Yuen [email protected]

23557 Alexandru Andrus [email protected]

23686 Ryan Thebault [email protected]

23747 Neil Fancey [email protected]

23790 William Natynczyk
[email protected]

23919 James Astor-Perrin [email protected]

23934 Johnathan Fudge [email protected]

24000 Cherilyn Dignan
[email protected]

24228 Matt Lorrain
[email protected]

25051 Amanda Bray
[email protected]

M0106 RA Israelson [email protected]

M0107 Eugene Wessan [email protected]

M0195 Roman Husiuk [email protected]

M0241 Thomas Wall [email protected]

M0707 Gary Gilbert [email protected]

M0748 William St.John [email protected]

M0776 Marc Fricker [email protected]

M0776 Marc Fricker [email protected]

M0779 Richard Loewen [email protected]

M0841 Todd Pretsell [email protected]

M0892 Jason Healey [email protected]

M0910 Stephen Waddington [email protected]

M0958 Jason Kauenhofen
[email protected]