March to the Arch & Back Wraps Up Reunion Weekend

Ex-Cadets Join Cadet Wing On Parade Square for Final Event

Photos by 25687 OCdt (IV) Amelia Garton and 26549 OCdt (II) Kai Zhao

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The final scheduled event of Reunion Weekend, although the shortest, is perhaps the most meaningful for many Ex Cadets. Led by the College Band, the Old Brigade and the ex-Cadets marched to the Memorial Arch while the Class of 2016 lined the route. The weather was mild (for this time of year). A threat of showers was in the forecast but pretty well held off from start to finish.

This time for some unknown reason the numbers on parade were much smaller than in recent years. As in the past , the marching may not have been in a typical military cadence; nevertheless in some strange way it had a sharp military formation. All those who participated should be proud.

Taking the salute during the route was 2816 BGen WW (Bill) Turner Class of 1942 and former RMCC commandant – 1973-77.

The RMC Memorial Arch provides a list of Officer Cadets who were killed in action or died from wounds suffered in action.

Presiding at the Arch ceremony was the Club padre, 8457 Reverend Paul Robinson. Adjutant Old Brigade, 5611 Gerry Stowe, read out the names of all the Ex-Cadets who have passed away since the same parade last year. College Commandant 14835 BGen Eric Tremblay laid the memorial wreath.

The solemn event continued when the parade returned to the Square. This was a reflective moment for all those on parade and the spectators.

The presentation of the Capt Nichola Goddard Sword by H17417 Judge John Ross Matheson, OC, CD and the Capt Matthew Dawe Sword by six members of the Dawe family was the main event of the day for many in the crowd. The Capt Nichola Goddard Sword is presented annually “to the Cadet deemed to be the best ROTP artillery Officer Cadet in Fourth Year.” Capt Goddard was killed in action in Afghanistan on 7 May 2006. The Capt Matthew Dawe Sword is “presented annually by the Dawe family to the Cadet deemed to be the best ROTP combat arms Officer Cadet in Fourth Year.” Capt Dawe was killed in action in Afghanistan on 4 July 2007.

25268 OCdt (IV) Marc Grenier was the recipient of the Capt Nichola Goddard Sword (photo above left), and 25876 OCdt (IV) Alexandre Dugas was the recipient of the Capt Matthew Dawe Sword (photo above right).

Several smaller awards were also presented during the parade.

When the Cadet Wing Commander signaled the end in a loud very reassuring voice, “Fall Out To Mingle,” mingle they did, and a great Reunion Weekend came to an end.

Photos from the day (click to enlarge):


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  • Paul Crober

    October 3, 2012 at 10:53 am

    Not sure what caused all the Wing to wear No. 4 Dress (Blues) — but I like it. Very, very sharp! I seem to remember that 1st year did not receive scarlet coats until December for all sorts of good reasons and that they alone used to appear in Blues on Ex-Cadet Wknd with all other years in Scarlets. This is a nice change, whatever drove it. When properly tailored, the Blues look great, especially with gold rank, gold achievement badges, etc. I also like the decision (a few years ago?) that brought the pith helmets back.