May is Museum Month

As a means of celebrating May as Museums month, E3161 Victoria Edwards reasoned that  e-veritas readers may appreciate articles with this theme; first are paintings of RMC officer cadets c. 1973 engaged in various activities and architectural paintings by Mr Arthur John Ensor in the Beaverbrook Collection of War Art at the Canadian War Museum.

In the 1970s, Arthur John Ensor (1905–1995) was a British-Canadian painter who had served in the Royal Air Force, produced a series of watercolour paintings and coloured pencil sketches of Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario, which are currently in the Beaverbrook Collection of War Art at the Canadian War Museum. The RMC scenes include officer cadets engaged in various activities and architectural paintings:

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* Royal Military College – Football game c. 1973

* Royal Military College – Massey Library c. 1973

* Royal Military College Cadets, Map Making with Stereo Viewer c. 1973

* Measuring Flow Resistence to a Solution of Calcium Carbonate at RMC c. 1973


* Land Survey Crew at RMC c. 1973

* Calibrating Radar Waves, Electrical Engineering Department at RMC, c. 1973

* Fort Frederic and the Royal Military College c. 1973

* The Sawyer Building at RMC c. 1973


2243 Robert Montague Powell`s sword of honour and cocktail shaker are part of an online exhibit at the Canadian War Museum. He received this sword, which was manufactured by Wilkinson Sword Co. Ltd., from the Royal Military College of Canada. This “Sword of Honour”, awarded to him as the graduating cadet with the highest standard in academics and military training.

He received the cocktail shaker inscribed RMC truth duty valour, 1931-1935 on his 1935 graduation from the Royal Military College of Canada.


The shaker is insribed with the signatures of graduates:

2205 Hugh Armstrong; 2206 John Baird; 2208 P.G. Baskerville; 2210 J.B. Caldwell; 2211 BGen John Christian; 2212 Thomas Daniel; 2213 George Davidson; 2214 Harold Davis; 2215 G.T. Dawson; 2217 Niesu Drinnan; 2218 Ian Drum; 2220 C.R. Gallow; 2221 D.S. Gillies; 2223 John Hornibrook; 2225 Wensley King; 2227 Joseph Lamontagne; 2228 J.H. Leckenby; 2229 H.W. Love; 2230 W.R. MacBrien; 2231 Doctor William MacKay; 2233 Major Chester McKergow; 2235 E.F. McManus; 2236 T.A. McPherson; 2238 Edmund Munro; 2239 J.M. Neilson; 2241 Captain Alan Nicholls; 2242 WCW.C. Patterson; 2243 Robert Powell; 2245 J.H. Ready; 2247 Gordon Savage; 2249 BGen Harry Sterne; 2250 R.S. Stronach; 2251 J.W.D. Symons; 2253 Cameron Ware; 2254 Arthur Wickson; 2256 Richard Wotherspoon; 2257 Wing Commander Henry Wrenshall; 2258 Fred Carson; 2259 Frederick Clifford; 2261 RH MacDonald; 2263 Ronald Wilkins; 2264 Arthur McKibbin; 2274 JA Collin.

The silver cocktail shaker was manufactured by J. M. Mounts for E.P. Copper. Commissioned as a lieutenant in the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve in 1936, Powell held a variety of postings during the Second World War, including on motor torpedo boats based in England.

He commanded the corvette HMCS Belleville at the end of the war. He died 17/03/2004.



This drafting instrument set, in the collection of the Canadian War Museum, was used at the Royal Military College of Canada c. 1931-1935. The wallet case is covered in black leather cloth and lined with green velvet. It was manufactured by Instruments Limited – Ottawa and Toronto. The set of vintage drafting tools, which appears to be almost new, includes a pencil, drafting pens, dividers, pen and pencil compasses, planimeter, spring bows, semi-circular protractors (clear lucite) among other pieces.




The Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2001.

A single stamp, designed by Jim Hudson of Moncton, features a dynamic and striking “Standing on Guard” theme to portray the commitment, discipline and standards of excellence the RMC represents. The stamp was issued on June 1, 2001 in Kingston, Ontario.

Related artifacts in the collection of the Canadian Museum of Civilization include commemorative souvenir sheet of stamps, official first day cover, postcard, envelopes, envelope seals and notecards. The lithography (4 colours) were printed (quantity 5,000,000) by the Canadian Bank Note.



`The Graduates` was painted in oil by Ms Wendy Tretheway and Mrs May Louise Leach as part of a commission of 20 paintings about “Family Life in the Military’ in 1991. The painting of 14998 Megan Marnitz Tretheway, (RMC 1986) (Ms Wendy Trethway`s daughter-in-law) and 13868 Mike Fabbro (RMC 1983) in front of the Memorial Arch in front of the Memorial Arch at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston is in the Beaverbrook Collection of War Art in the Canadian War Museum.


Ms Wendy Trethway was interviewed by Victoria Edwards on August 22nd, 2010.


May is Museum Month articles researched by: E3161 Victoria Edwards

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    I have a drafting instrument set exactly like the one shown. It was my Dad’s. I’d like to know a bit more about the company. Any info?

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