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Meet the Branch Champion & Branches Celebrate the Holidays

The Branch Champion

Article by 17160 Stephen Kalyta

The RMC Club Directors have assigned yours truly to start a brand-new initiative as Branch Champion. The objective of this role is to improve inter-branch communication and where appropriate, grow our presence in regions where Branches have folded.

In the past, I have written on the transition from a symbolic Alma Mater to a more concrete and relevant network that serves the community of current and former Cadets by rallying behind a common mission. Part of the Branch Champion role is to cross-pollinate branch level activities from a local impact to a more pervasive national impact. The collaboration of the Toronto Branch with the local recruiting center to meet with future military college candidates is one example.

In an effort to build a consolidated view of the activities we engage in to assist the CMCs, I will be working with the Club President, Bruce McAlpine, Executive Director, Bill Griffis and members like you to build a coherent tapestry that reflects the needs, motivation, and requirements of our membership. To that end, I will be reaching out to the Branch Presidents to better understand the current state of affairs. In addition, I invite the wider membership to share your opinions on the Club Branches, how we can improve upon our mandate and stay relevant. You may see me at some of your events and meetings in an effort to gauge regional nuances and better equip us to ensure we have the means and direction to better serve our members.


Left to Right 28285 OCdt Kane Cracknell, 29122 OCdt Ian Marrack, 7908 Rick Young, RCNC 16 Chris Pratt, 28280 OCdt Ben Roth, 28284 Ocdt Curtis Dunsmuir  (not in the photo 28574 OCdt Naman Sharma)

Vancouver Island Ex-Cadet Club “Hosts the Cadets”

The Vancouver island Ex-Cadet Club held their annual Christmas Luncheon and “Host the Cadets” on leave event at the Union Club in Victoria on December 27th. A total of 56 attended including five Officer Cadets. 6216 Willy Anderson co-ordinated an outstanding reception and buffet lunch which included roast beef and salmon. Willy brought the ten members of the galley staff and waiters out front to receive a well deserved round of appreciation for a magnificent banquet. Acting President 7908 Rick Young thanked the Cadets attending for making the effort to bring their Scarlets home. Rick spoke of the continuing legacy of service to Canada by graduates of the Royal Military Colleges. Honorary Club President and Senior Ex-Cadet present RCNC 16 Chris Pratt spoke of the impact that the military college will have on the Officer Cadets’ lives and encouraged them to take every advantage of the training they are receiving. The VIECC plans to hold another such event in 2019 and Cadets at the military colleges who hail from Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands are encouraged to mark their calendars.


Hamilton Branch Hosts “Chatty” Group

The Hamilton Branch hosted a chatty group of 50 on Dec 21st at HMCS Star.   It was a pleasure to welcome 6 RMC and 5 CMR cadets to this reception. Also in attendance were 8 ex-cadets, 3 young army and 2 young air cadets along with family and friends of all. The RMC and CMR cadets shared many experiences at their College, as did the Ex-Cadets. it was an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.


Above: Officer Cadet Andrew Bell and Naval Cadet Elizabeth Radford with Colleges candidate Leah Vidito and her parents Andrew & Lori Vidito

Nova Scotia Branch Holiday Reception

On December 27th, a cold winter’s day on the East Coast, the Nova Scotia Branch hosted a holiday reception in the historic Royal Artillery Park Officers’ Mess in Halifax.

As part of the Branch Colleges Attraction Program, invitations to the reception were extended through the Halifax Recruiting Centre to candidates to the Colleges and their parents.

Included in the turnout of over 50 were 7 candidates to our Colleges, as well as 7 cadets currently at the Royal Military College:  Officer Cadets Andrew Bell (7 Squadron), Luke Cottreau (1 Squadron), Navarre Hebb (5 Squadron), Lindsey Little (11 Squadron), Kelly Stewart (7 Squadron) & Katherine Thomson (3 Squadron) and Naval Cadet Elizabeth Radford (1 Squadron).


  • J. R. Digger MacDougall

    January 7, 2019 at 12:13 pm

    I was welcomed by the Vancouver Branch at the 27 December reception for Cadets and Ex Cdts in the area. I am grateful for the members’camaraderie and hospitality. Thanks to all for
    the enjoyable reception and best wishes to all for a HAPPY New Year.
    5276 J. R. Digger MacDougall
    Ottawa Branch

  • 10966 Michel Maisonneuve

    January 7, 2019 at 3:22 pm

    Merci to Bob Carr for hosting the Hamilton Branch Meet and Greet. Thanks to the Colleges for sending Cadets. Bonne année!

  • Kompf

    January 9, 2019 at 1:38 pm

    Edmonton as a city has fought off the title “Dedmonton”.
    The Branch of the Club that previously was active here seems to have succumbed.
    On a more helpful thought, establish a form of a “speakers bureau”. Those Alumni active in public events would provide notice in advance of the “where, when, who, why, what” of their offerings. Branches could inform their Members who might attend the event, meet or support the speaker or otherwise be involved. Finding out a few days later that so-and-so was here for an event doesn’t build “that cameraderie” for which we are alleged to be known.

    Kompf RL
    Edmonton, (oil) AB (undance)