Meet the Top 4

This article is the third in a series aimed at introducing the members of this semester’s Top 4.

By 24712 Brent Fisher (2010)

Marjorie Gaulin-Riffou, Cadet Wing Administration Officer

This fall, Cadet Wing administration will be processed under the leadership of Margorie Gaulin-Riffou. A young woman hailing from the cities of Quebec and Ottawa, Marjorie will be building on the experience gained as the Cadet Squadron Administration Officer for 10 Sqn last year. In addition to her responsibilities within the Top 4, Gaulin-Riffou will be balancing her involvement with highland dancing, women’s rugby, and her courses in the Business Administration program.

Marjorie returned to RMC following completion of the Naval Environment Training Program for Officers in Victoria. During the course she spent one month on board HMCS Algonquin, which was taking part in RIMPAC 2010 in Hawaii. Gaulin Riffou looks to implement this knowledge as she prepares for a career as a Naval Logistics Officer.

She considers her current position and her career aspirations to be quite compatible. The CWADO position is an excellent means in which to assert one’s leadership while learning a great deal about the inner workings of the Mil Wing at RMC. Combine this with the opportunity to positively influence activities and opportunities for the remainder of the Wing, and it’s no surprise that Gaulin Riffou is optimistic that her final year in Kingston will be memorable.



In the final weekend before the end of FYOP, the recruits could be seen all over the campus conducting various events including the annual “Passing off the Square”, Obstacle Course preps as well as a drill competition.

Overall, the College has had an outstanding FYOP this year. With some minor adjustments incorporated to ensure that all activities are aimed at achieving training outcomes while reducing the large number of injuries seen in prior years, the FYOP program has again provided outstanding leadership opportunities for the Barmen and excellent training for the recruits. One can sense the morale and energy building amongst the class of 2014 as they count the days to the completion of FYOP and the Badging ceremony next weekend.

Well done to all and good luck next Friday!!!

One more week…

By: IV Mercier, SA – Cadet Division Training Officer – C Division

This weekend, the first year officer cadets at RMC achieved a significant milestone of the FYOP training Program. Throughout their progress here at the college, cadets are expected to learn various military skills, such as marching, basic drills movements and physical training. They are also expected to learn our values and ethics as well as the history of our institution.

The passing of the Square is a tradition that has been held at the Royal Military College of Canada for the past few decades. Early Sunday morning, the first years assembled on the parade to undergo this tradition. The Passing of the Square is a test that encompasses the essentials skills necessary to achieve the demanding program of FYOP and RMC. Each cadet is lined up and inspected. He or she will have to perform various pre-determined military movement and subsequently present himself or herself in front of the RMC Top 4. At this point, a member of the Top 4 will asked them one question on our College history. Once the cadet has pass the square, he or she has now achieve the necessary knowledge to be allowed to wear the cap brass of our institution. The first years Cadets will be presented their College Cap Brass during reunion weekend parade on Saturday 2nd of October 2010

The rest of the weekend also held numerous activities that did not take place in the preceding years. A Drill competition was held on Saturday morning, in which each flight under the command of their Cadet Flight Leader underwent a pre-determined sequence of drill movements.

An obstacle course was also held on Saturday afternoon. Each flight challenged 5 obstacles. These obstacle were an important part of the preparation for the FYOP Obstacle course which will be held on Friday 1st of October.

Through out the FYOP program, each flight accumulated points during various activity. On Sunday 26th of September, a parade was held in order to recognized flights that have distinguish themselves over the duration of program. Papa flight from 5 Squadron was awarded with the top military flight, Romeo Flight from 6 Squadron was given the award for the top physically fit flight and Whiskey flight from 8 Squadron was award top overall flight. The parade was under the command of the FYOP Commander, 24718, OCdt David Bernatchez from Repentigny, Qc.

The excitement is rising within the first year flights, in less then a week; the ex-cadet reunion weekend will take place. On Friday, all flights will undergo the RMC Obstacle Course in which they will battle 13 obstacles representing the 13 squadrons here at RMC. On the following day, the reunion weekend will take place, where all cadets will enter the wing as a fully indoctrinated member of the Royal Military College of Canada. This is a definitive moment for each cadet since it represents “the end” of the FYOP Program and the beginning of 4 years of camaraderie, team work and Leadership which will leave them branded by the values of our institution, Truth Duty and Valour.

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  • MGen A Pickering (Ret'd) 2908

    September 27, 2010 at 4:44 pm

    In 1948,the year RMC re-opened after WWII, Passing Off the Square was required before cadets could leave the College grounds for any reason beyond representative team games. A drill test, in pairs, was conducted by the College RSM (Coggins), a person with very high standards indeed. It was considered quite an honour to be able to march (not walk) independently into Kingston in our new dress blues. (The scarlets were not re-introduced to RMC until later.)