Meet the Top 4

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Ready to lead! (L-R) Kendall Arthur,  Cadet Wing Training Officer; Andrew Chong, Cadet Wing Commander; Sarah Beare, Cadet Wing Administration Officer; and David Bernatchez, Deputy Cadet Wing Commander.

Meet the Top 4

By: 24712 Brent Fisher (RMC 2010)

This new Top 4 were asked to respond to a series of questions so that cadets and alumni alike can learn who will be leading their Cadet Wing this semester.

Cadet Wing Commander, Andrew Chong,

Age: 28

Primary Residence before RMC: Coquitlam, BC


Prior Bar Positions Held: CSITO, FYOP D/CFL, D/CSL, CSL

Academic Program: Civil Engineering

Extracurricular Involvement: PAG, Red & White Club, Manager – Men’s Soccer

Where you will be posted this spring: Esquimalt, possibly Post Grad

Future Aspirations within the CF: Ship Command, Post-Graduate Studies

How you will benefit or bring about change for the Cadet Wing: The Cadet Wing is a constantly evolving entity. Working closely with the DCdts and her staff, my goal is to build on the efforts of the previous leadership and continue the professional development of our cadets. The Military Wing is continually supporting the cadets in exercising increasing levels of leadership and accountability. I will be challenging the Wing to take more responsibility for themselves and for each other as we press forward on the path to becoming commissioned officers in the Canadian Forces.

Message to the alumni: We always appreciate seeing and meeting alumni with whom we share the college experience. I am grateful to them for each of their contributions towards making the college the institution it is today and I look forward to crossing paths with them in the future.

Of  Special Note: Younger brother – SLt Will. Chong (23992), Father – Capt (ret’d) T. M. Y. Chong (9377). Will was the 6 Squadron CSL during Andrew’s first year at the college.

Deputy Cadet Wing Commander, David Bernatchez

Age: 21

Primary Residence before RMC: Repentigny, QC

MOC: Air Combat Systems Officer (ACSO)

Prior Bar Positions held: FYOP CSC, DCWTO, FYOP Commander

Academic Program: Honours Space science, Minor in French studies

Extracurricular Involvement: Varsity Running

Where you will be posted this spring: CFB Winnipeg, for Basic Air Navigation Training

Future aspirations within the CF: See the world and learn as much as I can every day while enjoying what I do. I am interested in joining either the Maritime Helicopter or Long-Range Patrol communities. I will most likely see and experience the birth of a new aircraft fleet and this is pretty exciting.

How you will benefit or bring about change for the Cadet Wing: I see my position as the oil that keeps the engine going. I’ll definitely be looking into the success of the athletic and academic components. I’ll have my nose in pretty much every activity / event being held throughout the semester and make sure that they run smoothly. One of my other tasks is to make sure that the Wing HQ component works efficiently as a group.

Message to the Cadet Wing: Any effort you put in anything always pays off in one form or another.

Cadet Wing Training Officer, Kendall Arthur

Age: 21

Primary Residence before RMC: London, ON

Prior Service: Naval Reserve – HMCS Prevost – 1 year

MOC: Marine Systems Engineering

Prior Bar Positions held: DCFL (FYOP), CFL

Academic Program: Mechanical Engineering

Extracurricular Involvement: Astronomy Club

Where you will be posted this spring: CFB Halifax

Future aspirations within the CF: I am unsure, but in all honesty, despite my height, I am curious to know what life is like on a submarine.

How you will benefit or bring about change for the Cadet Wing: I will reinforce the RMC and Canadian Forces values of Truth, Duty and Valour. I will encourage members of the Cadet Wing to take pride in their College, and to take pride in the fact that they are officer cadets and not mere students.

Message to the alumni: Thank you very much for your support. RMC will continue to change throughout generations to come, in accordance with how the Canadian Forces change. But one thing that should never change is RMC’s reputation as the prestigious, internationally-renowned institution that it is. That is your area of expertise: I encourage all alumni to remain involved and engaged in decisions that will bring out the best in the College and allow it to remain true to its legacy.

Message to the Cadet Wing: Be proud of where you are and take a step back when you have the chance. Look at yourself, how far you’ve come, and think of the heroic, talented, and hard-working individuals who have walked that same path. Remember: Precision.

Sarah Beare, Cadet Wing Administration Officer

Age: 21

Primary Residence before RMC: Kingston, ON

Prior Service: Reservist for 772 EW Sqn in Kingston

MOC: Artillery

Prior Bar Positions held: DCFL and DCSL

Academic Program: Chemistry and Psychology with a minor in Life Science

Extracurricular Involvement: Highland Dance Team

Where you will be posted this spring: I will be posted to Gagetown to complete DP1.2 Artillery Officer course. I wish to be posted to 2RCHA in Petawawa upon completion of this course.

Future aspirations within the CF: I aspire to be an artillery troop commander, a Gun Position Officer, then eventually be able to take my Forward Observation Officer course and become a FOO.

How you will benefit or bring about change for the Cadet Wing: I wish to bring about change in the Wing by effectively communicating the ‘why’ behind our actions. So often cadets carry out tasks and duties without a feeling of purpose: Our team wishes to bring about a sense of purpose by effectively communicating intent to the Cadet Wing.

Message to the alumni: Thank you so much for your support. The recruiting posters were right when they communicated “a university with a difference.” Your support is what sustains that distinguished “difference.” I look forward to soon joining the ranks of the alumni in supporting future cadets.

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