Mess Dinners: Navy & Air Force; Next Up – Army

  • Navy Mess Dinner

  • Air Force Mess Dinner


Navy Mess Dinner

26651 NCdt (IV) Juliana Currie – 11 Squadron

On Tuesday March 8th, the naval cadets of the Class of 2016 gathered at the SSM to partake in a navy mess dinner. The night was full of humorous pokes at the several different trades, and whether or not capes can be deemed an appropriate part of the naval mess kit. The dinner banter was entertaining for all, and truly embodied a naval atmosphere. This dinner was a chance for the fourth year cadets to get some exposure to what their future naval careers hold, and we were honored to have the many distinguished guests there with us to celebrate. These guests included: Cmdre Simon Page, Director General of Maritime Equipment Program, Cmdre Mark Watson, Director General of Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services, and our guest of honor, Cmdre Luc Cassivi, Director General of Maritime Strategic Readiness. This diverse company representing the different naval trades provided opportunities for all cadets to talk to respected officers within their chosen field.

In addition, we also had the pleasure of the company of Dr. Jim Carruthers, the President of the RMC Foundation, and the National President of the Naval Association of Canada. Dr. Carruthers had the pleasure of presenting the Naval Swords of Honour to 3 winners. One was awarded to each section of the Navy: MARS, Engineering, and Logistics. The MARS winner was NCdt Sophie Cormier, the Engineering winner was NCdt Jean-Francois Levesque, and the Logistics winner was NCdt Jordan Bornholdt. These swords were based on the merit of the cadets during their performance on MARS II, and their overall time at RMCC. Congratulations to all!!

The funding for the swords are administered through the RMC Foundtion.

Overall, the night was a success and everyone sincerely enjoyed the distinguished naval presence at the dinner. Thank you to everyone who attended and making the night enjoyable and entertaining.

Aye Ready Aye

More photos by Scott Howells from the Navy Mess Dinner Here


Air Force Mess Dinner

26659 OCdt (IV) Danielle Andela –  1 Squadron

This past Tuesday, the 15th of March, ninety plus Officer Cadets, members of the class of 2016, participated in the 4th Year Air Force Mess Dinner with several members of the training wing and the guest of honour, Major General D. L. R. Wheeler, Commander of 1 Canadian Air Division.

This event was a fantastic opportunity for soon-to-be graduates to mingle with their Air Force peers and staff and enjoy dinner shenanigans.

Some of the more notable challenges include the happy birthday singing competition between the three tables, a challenge for the pilots to demonstrate formation flying and even a James Bond demonstration by the intelligence member in the room.

With the Commandant of RMC, Brigadier General S. Friday, in attendance, a wonderful dinner was enjoyed by all attendees and was followed with an evening of extensive socialization.

 More photos by Colin de Grandpré from the Air Force Mess Dinner – Here

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  • Eric Ruff

    March 24, 2016 at 5:14 pm

    As a ‘bearded fella’ I loved the photo of the ‘cadet’ with the beard (three or four bars with no sash and a very loose collar). Must be a story here.

    I also liked the great photos of ‘sabre-ing off the top of the champagne bottle’ which seemed to work very well. I tried it once with a large kitchen knife. The top came off in many shards of glass which was a mess to clean up the following morning. I’m sure we drank the champagne anyway.


    Eric Ruff, 7809