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Feature photo by: Officer Cadet 28230 Victoria Pierrot



Anyone for a run around Fort Henry?

Ex-Cadet weekend at the end of September will again include a run around Fort Henry for Old Brigade members, other ex-cadets and present-day cadets – and members of their families as well.

In essence this is a re-creation of the Cadet Wing Harriers Race as it was run over the decades until early in this century. The difference is that it is not a race; it is a “Fun Run” including members of all elements of the college student body, past and present. The plan is to start from the College Parade Square at 1500 hours on Saturday, September 30, and run completely around the Fort Henry Hill before returning to the parade square with smiles on our faces.

Ex-cadets of classes having reunions this year, from recent grads to Old Brigaders, are particularly invited to join the run. If any of the classes wish to gather a group together from their year for the run, that would be even better. The college’s Harriers teams – both male and female – have already agreed to participate.

If the younger groups want to make a bit of a race of it, they are welcome to do so, but the Old Brigade members need not race – the completion of the run will be reward enough. Afterwards, all participants will be invited to a nearby mess to quench their thirst and celebrate the comradeship that is such a great part of the college experience.

The run has been going on for a decade now, and we hope to have 30 or more runners – both older and younger – join us. Anyone interested in participating is requested to contact the organizer, 6891 Bill Aikman at [email protected] to confirm arrangements.


Anyone looking for a bit of running and lots of fun can sign up for an Ex-cadet Soccer Game on Reunion Saturday (weather permitting)?

No skill nor cleats are required and NO one is too old to play.

Since we’ll field 9 players per side, you can be part of a really Old Eighteen. We may need lots of subs.

You can expect a 45 minute straight time game, with penalties after, if deemed necessary or desired.

This game will only happen if enough ex-cadets contact Bruce Robinson ([email protected]) in time to reserve a field. First responders get to start in their chosen positions and lowest college numbers guarantee playing time.


Invictus Games – Toronto – September 23 – 30

Ticket on sale now



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