Military skills competition (aka Sandhurst competition) at West Point

Military skills competition at West Point


Caption – RMC was the top international team out of 14;   (1) RMC, (2) Sandhurst, (3) Chile. Second overall out of 64 – (1) USAFA, (2) RMC, (3) Sandhurst.

Well done to all involved!

Impressive result for RMC team!

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2018 RMC team: More than 500 cadets from military academies and universities around the world competed in the 50th annual Sandhurst Military Skills Competition this past Friday and Saturday (13 / 14 April) on West Point.

The competition consists of 11 different events ranging from marksmanship to grenade throwing.
It tests individual and team military skills as well as leadership abilities and athletic proficiency.

Teams accumulate points during the rigorous competition, and have the opportunity to earn up to 1,000 points throughout the course.

The competition originated in 1967 when the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst presented a sword to the U.S. Military Academy.

The inscription on the sword reads: “To provide the Corps of Cadets with a challenging and rewarding regimental skills competition, which will enhance professional development and military excellence in selected soldier skills.”

From then on for the last 49 years, an annual event has been held to do just that.

RMC has participated since 1997 and were also the overall winners in 2005; 06; 07; 09; and 16.

RMC team that competed at the 2018 Sandhurst Competition:

OCdt Adam Welsh – team Capt; NCdt Gavin Omand – team 2ic; Élof Elise Thivierge; OCdt Andrew Haves; OCdt Andrea Beltramello; OCdt Michael Brownlee; OCdt Gabriel Kemp; OCdt Morgan Perigo;  OCdt Eric Guevremont;  OCdt Matthew Choquette; and  OCdt Nick Bomers.

Team members who did not run in the competition, but were integral to success:

Élof Amélie Lefrancois; OCdt James App; OCdt Zachary Smith; and Élof Samuel Quenneville

With a special thanks to Élof Augustin Mirea for his ongoing support to all aspects of team training.

Finally, the time and mentoring put in by the coaches was the foundation on which this result was built:

Capt Nicholas Payne; Sgt Chad Monaghan; and Mr. Tomasz Deren.

The Class of 1964 supports the ‘team’ every year through their Class endowment. This is administered through the RMC Foundation.

Charging to victory!