Military Skills Team (formerly known as Sandhurst team): Final Selections

Feature photo and more by 27184 OCdt (IV) Louis A. Saulnier


Military Skills Team (formerly known as Sandhurst team): Final Selections

At 0515 on Monday Oct 16th, 31 Naval and Officer cadets from every trade, in every year, from all different squadrons met at the RMCC new gym to compete for a spot on the college’s military skills team.

For the next three days, the group met before and after school each day to complete a variety of challenges designed to evaluate the candidates on not only their mental and physical strength, but also their ability to function in a team environment

These challenges ranged from water confidence testing in the pool, to hill sprints, long runs, ruck marching, and much more. By Wednesday evening, 12 candidates remained for the interview process, of those 12, the 10 who were able to demonstrate the greatest combination of physical fitness, positivity in the face of adversity, leadership, and teamwork abilities were chosen to join 6 returning members to form the 16 man and women team.

All 12 showed an incredible amount of determination.

For the team, its “out of the frying pan and into the fire” as we immediately begin our training, before and after class each day and 3 weekends a month to prepare to compete in Mexico this February, and West Point, New York in April.

We train to become proficient in land navigation, marksmanship with both pistol and rifle, tactical casualty combat care, obstacle crossing, grenade throwing, CBRN environment preparedness, and assault boats, all on top of a strenuous physical training plan.

On behalf of myself, Team Captain 27576 OCdt Adam Welsh, team OIC Capt. Payne, team Sergeant and Technical Instructor Sgt. Monaghan, and team strength and condition coach Tomasz Deren, I would like to congratulate the following OCdts for earning their “Sandhurst” pin, and a place on the 2017-18 Military Skills Team:

27231 OCdt Andrea Beltramello

27825 OCdt Eric Guevremont

27049 OCdt Elise Thivierge

27412 OCdt Samuel Quenneville

27305 OCdt Andrew Haves

28244 OCdt Gabriel Kemp

27746 OCdt Nick Bomers

27666 OCdt Morgan Perigo

28038 OCdt Matt Choquette

27865 OCdt Amélie Lefrançois

28215 OCdt James App

28326 OCdt Zachary Smith

27770 OCdt Michael Brownlee

We would like to thank the Director of Cadets, Col. Ayotte and Training Wing Chief Warrant Officer, CWO Keating for their ongoing support, and awarding the cadets with their pins, and a special thanks to the class of  1964. Without their generous donations, none of our training would be possible.

27388 NCdt (IV) Gavin Omand 2IC Sandhurst Team