The Class of 1969 with – The Major. Front Row – L-R
Jack Reid; Doug Smith; The Major, Danny McLeod; Robert Bradshaw; Al Leonard; Brian Barrie; Fletcher Thomson.
Back Row L-R
Mike Johnson; John Carlson; Gerry Poffenroth; Michael Gainer; John (Pole) McCormick; Gary Stewart; Paul Hession; and Derrick Sloan.

“It was a real pleasure for me to be at the dinner. I felt proud to be from RMC.
In my four years at the College, going to that dinner was one of the most memorable experiences. For the first time, I realized what it really means to be a part of the “RMC Family”. I have rarely seen cohesion like that shown by those ex-cadets. I am now going to convince my friends to go at the dinners the Club will have at our branches.”

OCdt E.J.N. Audet
CSL 12 Sqn

Toronto Branch Dinner – Pretty Impressive!


The 2008 edition of the Toronto Branch Dinner had a lot of value added features this year! First of all, RMC commandant, BGen Tom Lawson and his wife, Kelly along with three cadets dressed in scarlets made the trek from Kingston.

A total of 79 attended, ranging from the Class of 2008 to the senior member of parade, 2639 Lloyd Kenyon, Class of 1940.

The Class of 1969 led all classes with 14 in attendance when roll call was taken. What has become a long time tradition and a matter of pride for the ‘69ers – “The Major”, Danny McLeod was their special guest and he and most of them stayed up well into the wee hours of the morning reminiscing and pretty well curing all that ails: Toronto Maple Leafs; NHL; Vancouver Canucks; who will win the hockey play-offs; Toronto Blue Jays; who the next CDS will be; and a host of other topics relating to RMC; Canada and the World. They met up again at 0800 hrs sharp for a get away breakfast. “I learned more about the current situation in NHL hockey listening to the discussion last night. I am glad I was able to attend.” sumed-up one of the ’69ers – Fletcher Thomson. Truly, a good time was had by all.

The next best class for attendance was 1989 who had five ex cadets in attendance answer the call of outgoing Branch President, 16412 Gordon Clarke, himself a proud member from 1989.

A presentation of the Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal to 10692 Capt. (ret’d) John Heenan (RRMC RMC ’75) in recognition of his service with the UN in Syria in 1979 was made by BGen Lawson. (See photo below)

The high-light of the evening was the spirited and upbeat talk given by the energetic first year commandant. He proudly introduced the three IV year cadets and among many other positive things pointed out all three cadets – were lifetime members of the RMC Club.

BGen Lawson also touched on many of the great things happening around RMC days pointing out that much of the credit has to go to those who were there before him as things have been unfolding at a very steady pace over the eight months he has been serving as commandant.

He did take time to point out how impressed he was of the Taekwondo team, in particular, their dramatic 5-4 win over West Point. The Men’s Fencing team that captured the OUA championship and the hockey team that provided countless exciting moments around the college all winter were two more of the teams he singled out; along with the women’s soccer and men’s rugby teams both of whom, earned OUA play-offs berths. The women actually advanced to the second round with an impressive upset win over cross-town rivals from Queen’s University.

The Sandhurst team was given special praise by BGen Lawson. He outlined the strenuous 7 day a week training regime put out by the regular team members and also the stringent team selection process. RMC has a hat-trick of Sandhurst wins over the past three years and the training and attitude of the current members are very promising. The competition is slated for this upcoming weekend at West Point.

The commandant briefly spoke on a number of other issues going on, in and around the college, and all those in attendance were much appreciative of his candid and inspiring approach. Specifically, he lauded each current RMC Class for their “community service” to Kingston and area. Unlike his Class and most others from the distant past there was not this type of commitment and service to the local community. Many of the attendees were heard to say later (around the bar) how pleased they were that he took time from his busy schedule to attend this function. “We hope he comes again next year,” many were heard to say, “…if the membership know ahead of time, that he will be attending – this place will be packed.”