Misunderstanding Military Millennials: The 3 M’s

Misunderstanding Military Millennials – The 3 M’s

By Christopher Manganaro

(Ed Note: The following article is written from a U.S. army perspective but many would agree there are many similarities with both American and Canadian millennials. We hope you all enjoy.)

Millennials have received a bad rap. The press and others believe millennials want something for nothing and have no work ethic. This myth has led many to believe that they cannot take criticism or lack the intestinal fortitude to serve in the Army. Like many generations before them, each have come with their own quirks and nuances. The Army magnifies these quirks, and unless properly identified and actioned, we risk dismissing the very leaders we are training to replace us one day.

Identifying Millennials

The actual timeframe for when the millennial generation is widely debated and by no means standardized. Most things associated with millennials will not conform to a standard and that is okay. Just because they don’t think or act like you is no reason to shove them into a corner or push them out of the Army. As an all-volunteer Army fighting the longest wars to date in Afghanistan and Iraq, we cannot afford to dismiss an entire generation of leaders because they don’t think like us.

Here are 10 characteristics of military millennials that leaders need to understand as they engage and lead them: