MOC Weekend: First Year Perspective – Army


MOC Weekend: First Year Perspective – Army

By: 27832 OCdt (I) Pablo Cardona – 12 Squadron

The weekend (4/5 April) RMCC cadets participated in the annual Military Occupation Codes (MOC) weekend. Air Force cadets visited CFB Trenton and spent Saturday learning about Air Force operations and equipment.

Naval cadets in second, third and fourth visited Halifax to learn about naval operations while first year naval cadets remained in Kingston and received informative briefings about their element.

Army cadets stayed at RMCC and had the opportunity to learn about Canadian army training and equipment from experienced officers and NCMs.



Army portion of MOC weekend:



On Friday afternoon, cadets participated in a static display on the parade square. Cadets had the opportunity to interact with equipment from the various army occupations / trades. Experienced NCMs from various trades were available to answer questions about the equipment. I enjoyed interacting with the NCMs who gave me a newfound appreciation for the technical complexity of being a modern Canadian soldier. Cadets left the parade square with a better understanding of the technical capabilities of the Canadian Army.


Afterwards, army cadets were invited to the cadet mess to participate in a meet and greet with officers from various army occupations. I began the night by speaking with LCol Haynes, Commandant of the Infantry School, about what it takes to endure tough times and the importance of mental resiliency in training. Afterwards, I spoke with LCol Hutt, Commandant of the Armoured School, about the challenges of leadership and the career progression of an Armoured Officer. This was a good opportunity for cadets to learn about their respective military occupations in a more relaxed environment and to have their questions answered by experienced officers.



The day began bright and early with LGen Hainse, Commander of the Canadian Army, arriving on a chinook. After landing on the parade square and being greeted by the guard of honour, LGen Hainse proceeded to the Field House where he delivered a briefing on the future of the Canadian Army. During this brief he discussed the Army’s transition to become a more agile fighting force and what that would entail as well as discussing the role of the army within the spectrum of conflict. Finally, he outlined he and his commanders were working to sustain the Canadian Army as a well-led, well-trained and well-equipped fighting force.

After lunch, cadets who have not yet completed Basic Military Officer Qualification – Land (BMOQ-L) attended a briefing conducted by Capt Seguin. Cadets learned what to expect from the course and how to prepare for success on course. Afterwards, cadets broke off intooccupation specific briefings. I attended the Armoured briefing, delivered by LCol Hutt and the Chief of the Armoured School, CWO Mathers. We learned about the qualities of successful armoured officers, and the challenged that we would face during phase training and what life as an armoured officer is like. I left the briefing with a profound pride that I was a member of the Armoured family and the Canadian Army.

We were hoping to receive articles from both the air force and navy perspectives – but no such luck.

Photos by Colin de Grandpré from MOC weekend:


Air Force


MOC Weekend: DCdts Perspective

“I thought that the events of MOC weekend were a great way to introduce new Cadets to their elements and occupations for the first time, and was an excellent opportunity to update and reconnect with all Cadets and staff on the latest up to date information on the state of the Army and Army training. The amount of time given to the Cadets by the Commander of the Canadian Army, along with the other Commanders and senior staff of all three elements, was amazing and shows how important all elements value the N/OCdts of RMCC and highlights their importance to the future of the CAF.”

– 19401 LCol Renahan