MOC Weekend Pt. 2: Visits to Halifax & Trenton

MOC Weekend Pt. 2: Visits to Halifax & Trenton


Last week we covered mostly the Army Military Occupation Classification (MOC) activities which were held on the grounds at RMCC.

In this segment we are pleased to say that we now have extensive RCAF and RCN write-ups prepared for us from the perspective of cadets.

Also, we have been indeed fortunate to have received  photos from the Halifax visit. To date the only photos from the Trenton visit were snagged from an Issue of The Contact (8 Wing newspaper – page 7).


In their own words:

  • 26392 OCDT (IV) MYRIAM ROCHON – Trenton visit

  • 26392 ELOF (IV) MYRIAM ROCHON – Visite à Trenton

  • Air Force visit to 8 Wing Trenton – 27747 OCdt (I) Tyler Zhao

  • Halifax visit – 26745 OCdt (IV) Dorian Gunn

  • Halifax visit – Another perspective from 26621 NCdt (IV) Sarah Kelly




26392 OCDT (IV) MYRIAM ROCHON – Trenton visit

On this past April 2nd, all officer cadet members of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) had the opportunity to spend an entire day in Trenton, immersed in the world of aviation. Half of the students had the opportunity to make the flight aboard a Hercules while 28 lucky individuals also made the flight aboard a Chinook helicopter. What a way to start the day!

Once on the ground, we were welcomed by the leadership of 8 Wing, who had prepared a static display including a large number of equipment pieces currently used by the RCAF. We were able to observe all of these pieces from very close and staff was always present to answer any questions. Meanwhile, Griffon and Chinook familiarization flights took place throughout the morning. All officer cadets were greatly appreciative of this rare opportunity.

When the afternoon came around, all students were separated by trade and attended several presentations addressing all occupations and opportunities that could potentially present themselves to us during our careers. Following the presentations, a Meet and Greet took place over the course of dinner where students had a chance to interact with staff informally regarding their personal experiences.

At the end of the night, the second half of the students took a Hercules flight back to Kingston and all met up at RMC to end the day.

This day was greatly appreciated by all students and for many, first and second year students mostly; it was their first opportunity to see RCAF aircraft in person. The presentations allowed students to understand what’s waiting for them after RMC. For third and fourth years, this day reminded us what we’ve learned during our summer training and excited us for return to this environment. For fourth years especially, this day was important for morale and encouragement to finish our degrees in Kingston, to finally permanently join the RCAF family.

Thank you for such a wonderful day.


26392 ELOF (IV) MYRIAM ROCHON – Visite à Trenton

Le 2 avril dernier, tous les élèves officiers membres de l’Aviation Royale Canadienne (ARC) ont eu la chance de passer une journée entière à Trenton, une journée d’immersion dans le monde de l’ARC. La moitié des élèves officiers ont eu la chance de se rendre à Trenton à bord d’un Hercules et il y a aussi 28 chanceux qui se sont rendus là-bas en Chinook. Quelle belle façon de commencer notre journée.

Une fois rendus sur place, nous avons tous été très bien accueillis par le leadership de la 8e escadre, qui avait préparé une exposition statique d’un grand nombre d’appareils couramment utilisés par l’ARC. Ils nous a été possible d’observer tous ces appareils de très près et il y a avait toujours quelqu’un de présent pour répondre à nos nombreuses questions. Des vols de familiarisations en Griffon et en Chinook ont aussi eux lieu au courant de l’avant-midi. Cette opportunité à été grandement appréciée par chacun des élèves officiers.

Au courant de l’après-midi, nous avons tous été séparés par métier et nous avons assisté à plusieurs présentations nous introduisant davantage à ce que notre avenir nous réserve. Nous avons aussi assisté à plusieurs présentations s’adressant à toutes les occupations pour nous présenter les diverses opportunités qui pourraient s’offrir à nous au cours de notre carrière.

Suivant la fin des présentations, nous avons tous été invités à un «meet and great» pour le souper où nous avons eu la chance de discuter davantage avec des officiers expérimentés. À la fin de la soirée, la deuxième moitié des élèves officiers est rentré à Kingston en Hercules.

Cette journée a été grandement appréciée par tous: la plupart des premières et deuxièmes années étaient en contact pour la première fois avec les appareils de l’ARC. Les présentations leur ont aussi permis de comprendre un peu plus qu’est-ce qui les attend après le collège. Pour les troisièmes et quatrièmes années, cette journée nous a rappelé ce que nous avons appris pendant nos étés de formations et nous à donner hâte de retourner en entraînement. Pour les quatrièmes années spécialement, cette journée nous à remonter le moral et encourager à finir notre session, ici à Kingston, en beauté avant de pourvoir rejoindre de façon plus permanente la grande famille de l’ARC.

Merci pour cette belle journée


Air Force visit to 8 Wing Trenton

27747 OCdt (I) Zhao (Article coordinated by 27832 OCdt Cardona)

On Saturday, Air Force cadets received an opportunity of a lifetime as half of the cadets boarded CC-130 Hercules planes and took off toward CFB Trenton. Being a thrill seeker, I was very excited by the maneuvers performed by the pilot during the flight. Upon arriving in Trenton, the cadets were greeted with various aircrafts, the highlight of which was the CC-177 Globemaster III. Following a welcome brief by CFB Trenton’s commanding officer, Col. Keiver, cadets were split up according to trades and attended presentations regarding various functions of the Air Force. During this time, each cadet also got a chance to fly above the town of Trenton on either a CH-146 Griffon, or a CH-147F Chinook. One lucky cadet, OCdt Falco, got a chance to take a ride on the CF-188 Hornet.

After lunch, cadets split up once again by trade to receive an extended briefings regarding their respective trades. The briefings gave an insight to the various directions a cadet may take after graduation. The perspective CELE officers were briefed by Col. Beaupré as he hyped up the importance of being a CELE officer in the Canadian Armed Forces. His speech brought a lot of excitement to the cadets about their future. Personally, I look forwards to the many opportunities to make a difference around the world as a CELE officer.

Upon finishing the briefings, cadets were brought to the National Air Force Museum of Canada where BGen. Cochrane and LGen. Hood addressed the cadets and recognized OCdt Hall and OCdt Chang for their outstanding work throughout the year.

The highlight of the day came when cadets got the chance to interact with officers in the senior staff mess which allowed them to become accustomed to the informal side of the CAF. Overall, the MOC weekend was a major success and it gave cadets a great sense of optimism for their future in the Canadian Armed Forces.


Halifax visit

26745 OCdt (IV) Gunn (Article coordinated by 27832 OCdt Cardona)

On Friday afternoon, second, third and fourth year Naval Cadets departed from RMCC Kingston to participate in the Navy MoC weekend. From the College, we travelled to Ottawa where we caught a plane on-route to Halifax. Little did we know that our short trip to Halifax would be nothing short of an adventure. The next morning, we met and had the opportunity to participate on a day cruise at sea. Some cadets were already familiar with the environment aboard a ship but for others it was their first time at sea. The NCdts were exposed to the operational tempo that exists aboard a ship of Her Majesty’s Royal Canadian Navy. Bearing witness to the operations aboard a ship provided us with a good glimpse of what our futures in the Navy hold.

Our gracious hosts organized a wide variety of Navy-related activities. Highlights among these were the opportunities to participate in in damage control exercises, casualty response drills and witness ‘Man over Board.’ For me, the highlight was touring the Ship with a member of the Ship’s company. It was a memorable practical experience which reinforced my excitement for the Navy.

On Saturday evening, we received more briefings about what it means to serve in the Canadian Navy, the equipment at the Navy’s disposal and the future of the RCN. I found these briefings very informative and felt they provided a great deal of guidance to the NCdts. On Sunday, we received more tours and learned about various opportunities available to Naval Officers, from Enhanced Boarding Party and Clearance diver courses, to foreign exchanges. We also had the opportunity to learn more about the respective careers in the Navy. The highlight for many NCdts was touring the new Irving Shipyard facility on the Halifax waterfront. The Irving Shipyard is currently in the process of building the Navy’s newest vessels, the Arctic Offshore Patrol Vessels.


Halifax visit – Another perspective from 26621 NCdt (IV) Sarah Kelly

MOC weekend is an elemental weekend that happens every year at the college. This weekend gives the cadets the opportunity to meet with high-ranking officers of their element. Usually the officers come to RMC to participate in “meet and greets” and give briefings to the cadets. This year was an exciting year for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year naval cadets at RMC. The Royal Canadian Navy decided to bring the naval cadets to the Halifax coast. A lot of these cadets are from Halifax while most cadets have never been on a coast. The opportunities presented to us during this weekend were phenomenal. We flew in on a Friday night and were given to free time to explore the city. Some cadets got the opportunity to see their friends and family. Saturday was a very exciting day for all of the cadets. HMCS St. Johns invited all of us on the ship for a day sail. Most cadets have never been on a ship before and if they were it was only a small 15-20 crew ORCA class training vessel. Although we were all excited, it was not the calmest seas to be venturing into, but we all like a challenge. The greatest part of this day sail was that Rear-Admiral John Newton and Vice-Admiral Mark Norman joined us for the journey. As soon as well all welcomed each other on ship, we slipped and ventured into the Halifax Harbour.

The seas stayed calm at first as we waved to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the Seaport Farmers Market. The first exercise that HMCS St. Johns showed us was a man overboard (MOB) exercise. Cadets got to throw the smoke flairs over the side of the ship and got to see how hard it can be to spot someone in the ocean with rough seas. As soon as we entered the Bedford Basin past Point Pleasant Park, the roller coaster ride began. HMCS St. Johns took this opportunity to show us exactly what a frigate is capable of with some high-speed ship maneuvers. The ship would turn from port (left) to starboard (right) and be leaning on a 70 degree angle to the water. The ship also showed its reverse maneuverability where some of the cadets at the aft (back) of the ship ended up wearing some of the harbour on their uniforms. This was the most enjoyable part of the day for the cadets who did not end up seasick. After the maneuvers, we split up into small groups to tour various departments of the ship. We got to learn a lot about where we would be working on a ship once we get posted to the fleet. Lunch was next and unfortunately, those that were seasick stayed out on the flight deck eating crackers and had to miss out on the best food in the Navy. After lunch the cadets got to participate in a fire and flood damage control exercise. The 4th years got to opportunity to be in charge of the exercise in their respectable departments while the 2nd and 3rd years got to dress up to fight the fires and stop the floods. It neared the end of the day and while we slowed the ship down to return to harbour we had a very informative town hall with the Admirals. We pulled into the jetty, tied up the ship, and continued the day with Weepers (a buffet supper and refreshment night) with some officers and the Admirals. We were given the rest of the night off to explore the city of Halifax again and looked forward to an early morning of briefings and shipyard tour.

The morning started off with briefings from our career managers. They explain how the next few years will work for our careers. This is an exciting part of the weekend when cadets find out where they are going or the summer and what they will be doing. We also get informative briefings from different departments within the Navy such as clearance divers and boarding party. The final part of the weekend included a tour of the Irving Shipbuilding at the Halifax shipyard. This was a very exciting part of the weekend for a lot of cadets who got to see our new ships being built and the high technological equipment that makes the ships.

Overall, it was a very informative and exciting weekend for everyone and we would like to thank the RCN for giving us this opportunity and making this happen. We would like to send out a special thanks to the Admirals, the Captain and crew of the HMCS St. Johns (especially the cooks) and the Irving Shipbuilding staff for making this weekend such a great realization into our future in the Navy.

More photos from the Halifax visit – Here