Mom pulls down double duty

Mom pulls down double duty

Article by 27476 OCdt Danielle Fielding

Danielle Fielding

RMC is a military institution that instills leadership and military values into the hundreds of cadets who march through the arch. RMC is also the only federally funded degree-granting university training military officers. The Royal Military College of Canada Degrees Act, 1959 empowers the college to confer degrees in arts, science, and engineering. Located on Point Frederick, the college is a mix of historic buildings and modern academic, athletic, and dormitory facilities. RMC also has civilian and military staff working daily to shape the cadets into future leaders. The academic wing works with the cadets in the classroom developing their critical thinking. Behind the professors are hardworking individuals who work behind the scenes to make sure the students are in proper classes, de-conflicting schedules and being there for those who need assistance.

Mrs. Erin Potvin is the administrative assistant for the Mathematics and Computer Science department. She started working at RMC in January of 2015 after working in retail management full-time and taking college courses in Human Resources part-time. Having grown up in a military family she always wanted to work closely with the military, and knew working with the future officers was her way of giving back. Since starting in 2015 she works incredibly hard satisfying the needs of all the professors in the department, making every day busy and a new challenge. Despite the busy schedule, Mrs. Potvin loves working at the college. Every aspect of her work is a highlight, from the beautiful campus to the cadets who enter her office.

Although for the past 12 months she has been on maternity leave and has finally returned to work as a new mom, she has always had an open door policy helping students through hard and happy times. She loves to see them progress from scared baby birds to confident future leaders flying out of the nest. Having a new group of students every fall allows her to help new people every year. Mrs. Potvin also shared that she loves working at RMC because of the professors. They are amazing to work with and make her feel welcomed and appreciated on a daily basis.

At the end of the day, Mrs. Potvin knows that for her not much can beat working at RMC, the location cannot be beat, as you have lunch on the mess the campus surrounded by water creates incredible views. This new mom is thrilled to be back at work, and excited for the new academic year to unfold.