Wednesday, 25 March – the 9 Squadron Fourth Year cadets had the pleasure of being invited to lunch at the residence of the RMC Commandant, BGen Meinzinger.

Greeting the hungry orange squad was RMCC Principal Dr. Kowal and his wife Mrs. Kowal, who kindly invited us to sign the Commandant’s guestbook.

The ambiance for the luncheon was set by a wonderfully soothing folk-ish soundtrack flowing in the background. The ensuing feast consisted of a stellar meat and vegetarian lasagnas, fresh caesar salad, and some delicious sliced baguette.

Not only was there a chance for seconds, the dessert was pie and cookies with a brewed coffee so delicious cadets forgot they weren’t in a coffee shop.

Hyperbole aside, what the IV Years of 9 Squadron appreciated most was the wonderful hospitality provided to them by the Commandant, the Principal and their spouses.


For those who had the pleasure of staying throughout the whole luncheon, many truly interesting stories were shared with the cadets. The opportunity for the soon-to-be graduates to ask questions about changes to military and personal life when posted out of RMC was hugely beneficial.

Although we are down to less than 40 days before grad, we can say that this is an experience most of us will remember, and, when one of this 9 Sqn group inevitably returns to RMC as Commandant, it is one that will continue. Here’s hoping that the 9 Sqn Fourth Years of 2040 appreciate these opportunities as much we do.

-OCdt (IV) Taylor Sannes (26246), Cadet Squadron Commander 9 Squadron


Over the course of the year BGen. Meinzinger, Commandant of the Royal Military College of Canada, and his wife Joy have graciously invited the fourth year Officer Cadets into their home for a series of lunch-in events. These events have fostered a relaxed environment where cadets feel comfortable to share past experiences and reflect on the time they’ve spent at the college.

On March 27th, the fourth year cadets from 12 Squadron, also commonly referred to as the “Elite Squadron”, had the opportunity to dine and share stories with the Commandant. In addition to Joy and BGen. Meinzinger, strategically placing them in order of authority within the household, we had the privilege to converse with Dr. Kowal, principal at the Royal Military College of Canada, and Bill Oliver, editor for e-Veritas.

This range of senior leadership made for interesting and insightful discussion which provided our fourth year group with some practical advice for our future careers as Officers in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Overall, the food was excellent and the company, even more so. On behalf of all the 12 Squadron cadets, I would just like to once again thank  BGen. and Mrs. Meinzinger for their generous hospitality and include that we look forward to seeing them in 47 days to grad (DTG).

OCdt  (IV)  Wolscht (26274) – 12 Squadron

A perspective from the bullpen

We had the opportunity to recently attend one of the College Moms lunches at the residence of the commandant. We now know first hand what the majority of IV year cadets have been raving about during the current school year.

A great meal in a very relaxed atmosphere only topped by the service and hospitality by Al & Joy Meinzinger and greatly assisted by the college principal, Dr Harry Kowal and his wife Cheryl.

Of course the home cooked meal is a big draw but as many cadets who have had the opportunity to attend one of these lunches, will attest, the main event is the opportunity to converse in a wide range of topics mainly related to their future careers.

Amazing what was covered in little over an hour.

A few of the cadets were spotted loading up with the left-overs prior to leaving for the afternoon. A testament to what they thought of the grub.

We understand that there may be another photo or two that we may have missed of a squadron who has attended one of these lunches.  If so, we will do our best to catch up down the road.