New look for e-Veritas just around the corner

New look for e-Veritas just around the corner

Like going from an 11 year old chevy to a brand new caddy


e-Veritas is only a few Issues away from changing to a newer version of WordPress.

The change will involve a learning curve for yours truly. Format will be the biggest challenge.

The layout will be redesigned to provide additional advertising opportunities and to enhance our current delivery systems. This will include an upgrade to make the site mobile device and tablet friendly which is becoming increasingly important.

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The display of our partners (Ads) will be a big, big improvement and will be obvious. However, there is no intent to cut back on the quality or quantity of the content.

The best analogy we can think of is like we have been driving around in this 2005 Chevrolet with a ton of kilometers on the speedometer with the usual maintenance headaches.

Yes, we have our breakdowns from time-to-time but for the most part we get from A to Z on schedule – or just a tad late.

Now, we have been offered this 2016 Cadillac, eight speed automatic with all the bells and whistles. Problem is we are not used to fancy cars; more to the point high-end websites intimidates us a wee bit.

At any rate, we are going to give it a good effort; we ask our readers to be patient. The content style will not change too much and we will always be evolving to make each edition the best one yet.

If thing go according to plans, the new version will be available sometime in November.

In the meantime, we will be looking for new partners (for Ads). First. we will be updating our Realtors list across the country.

For those who have moved over the past year, and you were impressed with a particular Realtor would you send us the name(s) and location(s)? [email protected]

We are expecting a few openings coming up and the ‘word of mouth’ recommendation has proven successful in the past.

Look for a new and better look e-Veritas in the near future.