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Last Scheduled Parade for the Semester

By: 26670 NCdt (II) Katherine Silins

Although this year, Wednesday morning parades have become the norm, the last parade of the year was different. It was not, however, the ankle-high layer of snow that covered the parade square (while it was still falling gently) or due to the impromptu but fierce snowball fight that broke out between Divisions, but due what was being announced. Although the snow served as a strong reminder that Christmas was a little more than 4 weeks away, more important things were on the cadets’ minds. The parade started off the announcement of IM winners, made all the more exciting by an entertaining MC.

In the most sportsmanlike category, the winners are:

Water-Polo: Élof Brown, Esc 5

Ultimate Frisbee: OCdt Manderson, 4 Sqn

Hockey sur glace Tier A: Élof Sadovsky, Esc 8

Ice Hockey Tier B OCdt Daniel Ryan, 4 Sqn

Soccer : Élof Strong, Esc 7

Ball Hockey: OCdt Tan, 6 Sqn

In the Most Valuable player category, the winners are:

Water-Polo: Élof Brideau, Esc 3

Ultimate Frisbee: NCdt Newcombe, 7 Sqn

Hockey sur glace Tier A Élof Switzer, Esc 2

Ice Hockey Tier B: OCdt Joseph Ryan, 2 Sqn

Soccer : Élof Cooney, Esc 2

Ball Hockey : OCdt Dubuc, 11 Sqn

The awards then moved to announce the winner of the MilSkills competition, D Div, under the direction of Jeremy Jobin (IV).

Andrew Jarvis (IV), 9 Sqn, was then re-inducted into the 450 club in recognition of his commitment to excellence in fitness.

Finally, the DCdts directed all of the cadets to gather in and announced the new barslate for the next semester. Taking on one of the Top 5 or Cadet Division Leader positions is not only an honour in that selections are difficult, but is also a sign that a cadet is looking to be challenged at the highest level, as these positions entail an enormous amount of work, and due to the new autonomy of the Cadet Wing, they often have to make difficult decisions.

Due to the excellent work of all barmen this year, the new barslate has big shoes to fill, but their abilities are not doubted as they have been chosen by the Mil Wing.

The new barslate is:

CWC: OCdt Pelletier 25654 9 sqn

DCWC: OCdt Powis 26170 9 sqn

CWTO: OCdt Scott 26046 6 sqn

CWOpsO: OCdt Gutz 25858 8 Sqn

CWAdO: Bouffard 25874 5 sqn

CDL A: OCdt Bergeron 25611 1Sqn

CDL B: OCdt Panza 25651 6 Sqn

CDL C: OCdt Desbiens 25624 7 sqn

CDL D: OCdt Léonard 25642 10 sqn