Nijmegen – More than just a march

Nijmegen – More than just a march

Part I submitted by: WO Chuck Ansell

As the Team enters the second month of training, we can count the days until we depart for Europe and measure our daily distances in hundreds of kilometers.

A minor situation made me think of the other areas the Team’s Leadership is focused on…diet and exercise.

As the lower half of our bodies get a ridiculous work out, three times a week, the upper starts feeling neglected and cries out for attention.

PSP has helped us immensely. Tomasz Deren has developed a monthly training plan that the Team sticks to on the off days. Erin Thompson and Kristin Miller are delivering stellar Yoga classes to break up the upper and lower body exercises as well as giving us a chance to unwind from the hectic week.

As far as diet is concerned, the trusty internet has said that the average adult needs ~2000 calories a day. This total doesn’t take into account the 80 plus kilometers and two gym days we conduct in the week.

With the help of MWO Moreau, WO Huberg, Sgt McCartney, and all staff at the Cadet Dining Hall, we have managed to put together outstanding box lunches as well as between meal supplements that will ensure the Cadets get all the calories they need to stay energized and focused through the day.

The Team also completed a Top Fuel for Top Performance (TFTP) class in order to gain a solid understand of sound eating habits combined with physical activity. Overall, the Team will be stronger and healthier when it comes time to perform in Holland and will continue the good habits after we return. It’s definitely a lesson in fitness and nutrition.
Part II – submitted by – 27472 OCdt (IV) Eliza Bruce, e-Veritas correspondent

As WO Ansell mentioned above, getting into the height of training for the team has not been easy but we’re finally on the home stretch to lift off.

This past Wednesday we were joined for our hot but beautiful 40 km march by CWO McNabb (MMM, CD). After joining in 1984, CWO McNabb has served as a Radio Operator in SSF HQ & Signal Squadron, 742 Communication Squadron, 2 Royal Canadian Artillery, Royal Canadian Dragoons, 2 Combat Engineer Regiment, 2 CMBG HQ & Signal Squadron, 1st Battalion Royal Canadian Regiment, as well as CANSOFCOM, in addition to deployments in Israel, Syria, Kabul, and Afghanistan.

He received the Order of Military Merit in 2012, and is currently part of CADTC HQ in Kingston and a member of the 2017 Canadian Nijmegen Contingent Command Team.

At the end of the march with our RMC contingent, he laughingly said he was “thankful for the opportunity to suffer with us all” and looks forward to joining forces in the Netherlands!

Friday’s 20km march brought LCdr Padre Mackinnon to our ranks, and she upped the moral with her enthusiastic presence and desire to be a part of our long yet fun training sessions.

As seen in the feature photo, with an all-around-defense, the team took their guest’s safety seriously as she readjusted a boot. A great way to cap off yet another successful week!