Nijmegen Team: Mentally, physically fit & ready to go

‘Holland, here we come!’

Nijmegen Team: Mentally, physically fit & ready to go

Article by – WO Chuck Ansell

Chuck Ansell

This was the final week of training for the Nijmegen Team.

We have completed close to 650 kilometers, survived back-to-back 40kms, hardened our feet, and toned our legs…we are ready to go!

The longest march this week, was to Gananoque. We had completed that route before, but this time it was only one way.

The folks at the Gananoque Brewing Company welcomed us for pizza and some refreshments along with a tour of their operations. It was nice to have an end goal when stepping off for a 30km march down Highway 2.

Overall, the practice marches are chipping away at the Team but morale remains high.

We (I) never run out of things to talk about for hours at a time! We’ve practiced together and have become stronger mentally  and physically.

It’s funny to say that a 160km march is a reward, but after walking similar routes through Kingston, the scenery will be a welcome change, to say the least.

This opportunity is a reward…a reward for spending long days marching under the hot sun with typical Ontario summer humidity and a weighted pack.

It was tough to get to where we are, but next week, when the plane takes off and the Canadian landscape disappears behind us, we will take a deep breath, pump our fists slightly, and whisper the word “yessss” to ourselves.

We are strong and we are ready. Holland, here we come!