Obstacle Course: In a Word “Thrilling”


Obstacle Course: In a Word “Thrilling”

By 27832 OCdt (II) Pablo Cardona, 12 Sqn, e-Veritas Chief Correspondent

The obstacle course is always a highlight of the RMC year. Watching the first years undergo the challenging race brings out the best in each squadron, who eagerly cheer on their newest members. Making the even more special is the large number of families, friends and ex-cadets who come to the College to partake in the thrills.

Prior to the day of the obstacle course, upper years from every squadron ran around in the dead of night decorating the College for the big day. The Class of 2020 woke up to banners, flags and massive signs demonstrating the pride of the rest of the wing.


After early dismissal from classes, the first years joined their squadrons to participate in pep rallies before the start of the obstacle course. Inter-squadron competition was on full display on the rainbow-coloured parade square.

The obstacle course began as each flight moved to the first of 12 obstacles. Each flight was followed by a crowd of upper years as well as families and friends who were eager to watch the first years perform. Hidden among the spectators was the Commander of the Canadian Army, LGen Wynnyk, a graduate of the class of ’86.

For 90 non-stop minutes, the first years climbed, crawled and ran their way across the grueling obstacles. The previous night’s rain didn’t help, rendering the mud obstacles muddier and the ground slipperier. Despite the elements being against them, the first years fought hard and overcame every challenge.

The amount of drive and energy present in each first year flight was palpable. This final FYOP event, the culmination of the last four weeks of training, was the class of 2020’s chance to prove themselves to the Cadet Wing. Through their hard efforts and heartfelt performance on each and every obstacle, they have won the respect of their peers and are ready to join their peers.

After the obstacle course, the wet, muddy and exhausted recruits were given their College coins by members of the Old Brigade. Afterwards, many of them jumped into Lake Ontario for a quick swim and then returned to their buildings for showers and orange juice.

Finally, after spending four weeks on the peninsula, the first years were allowed to leave the College with their family and friends for the evening to celebrate their accomplishments.

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