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Obstacle Course Marks End of First Year Orientation Period for Class of 2023

“The feeling was surreal”

Article by 28560 Élof (III) Bennett Dickson

Photos courtesy of Corporal Brandon Liddy, RMC Public Affairs, and the RMC Photo Club

This past Friday, September 13, the Royal Military College of Canada held its annual Obstacle Course to mark the end of the First Year Orientation Period (FYOP).

The event began with the Cadet Wing holding a parade on the parade square to show their Squadron spirit to the Command team and impress the other Squadrons.

Smoke blew, cars roared around the parade square, fireworks went off, and chickens were everywhere. It was chaos.

When the course started, all 12 Squadrons took off at staggered times. They would race to complete all of the obstacles in as little time as possible. The faster they completed the course, the more points they would acquire towards the Commandant’s Cup.

The First Years found themselves climbing rope walls, diving through mud, running in snowshoes, and pulling a fully loaded armoured vehicle. But while the focus was on the First Years, they were being generously supported the entire time.

During every obstacle and every stretch of running, the First Year flights were being ushered and followed by the rest of their squadrons, family, and friends. The cheering could be heard from across town.

The final obstacle would test the mental strength of every one of the First Year cadets. 12 Squadron’s “Gut Check” found the Cadets running up and down the parade square while carrying an assortment of heavy objects including: stretchers, ammo cans, logs, and fell jerrycans. But, when they finished that last obstacle, the feeling was bliss.

Every flight would run to the bell under the flag pole and ring it, signifying the end of their FYOP period. The feeling, as the senior years can attest to, was surreal.

The First Years then went on to shake hands with a member of the Old Brigade and receive their College Coin. Imprinted with their College number, this coin was their first of many memntos to prove that they are now a part of the Cadet Wing and official members of the Royal Military College of Canada.

To say that the College is proud of the First Years would be an understatement. They have taken on the first of many challenges and proved to everyone that they are capable of taking on the challenge of being a student at RMC.

It’s important that they take what they have learned over the last three weeks and carry it through the year. As every great leader has said, “You can’t do it alone”.

Congratulations Class of 2023. Welcome to the Royal Military College of Canada!

For more photos please see the RMC Photo Club’s Flickr Page here.

For photos from RMC Public Affairs please see their Facebook page.