First-Years Conquer the Obstacle Course

By 25594 OCdt (III) Marina Lowthian

On Friday, September 30th, only one thing stood between the RMC first years and the end of the First Year Orientation Period: the FYOP Obstacle Course. In order to be fully accepted into the wing as an Officer Cadet of RMC, the first year class completed this grueling task. The obstacle course challenges all of the determination, strength, endurance, and leadership skills that cadets gain throughout their challenging month of FYOP. The first year cadets battled through the mud and rain, facing such obstacles as crossing a rope bridge, climbing a 12 foot wall, and carrying fellow flight members up a mud hill in a stretcher while being drenched with water from fire hoses. But by the end of it, all that was seen were smiling faces and expressions of relief as the first years gathered together with their friends and families and stood proudly on the parade square.

The results of the competition were announced on Saturday’s Badging Parade: click here!

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