OCdt (III) Cody Robertson – Offers sound advice for the LL2 dress standard

“The Leadership Level (LL) system evaluates cadet performance across the four pillars. To complete an LL, a cadet must meet the standard for their academic year, not only in academics, but in athletics, leadership and bilingualism. Privileges, including a progressively relaxed dress standard, are allocated according to a cadet’s LL, providing motivation for those who lack in any aspect of the four pillars and rewarding those who excel.”

Sound advice for the LL2 dress standard

By: OCdt (III) Cody Robertson, 27418 ( Photo above)

With the LL standard established and  not going anywhere anytime soon, the LL2 standard of jacket and tie is probably here to stay.

Is it a nuisance? You bet.  Will it cost some of us something? Maybe, although if you shop right it doesn’t have to be agonizing.  Is it stylistically crippling?  That my friends, is a resounding no.

Additionally, there are little hacks you can do to make this standard more liveable and get you back to looking great and standing out in town rather than looking like you crawled out of a marathon business meeting.

First off, don’t feel the need to buy dress pants or khakis. There’s a beautiful place between denim and linen called Chino.  These are more hard-wearing and comfortable than dress pants, and are therefore Club-ready as well.  Air towards the darker colours as we want to make it general purpose and avoid looking like you’re wearing a canvas skater pant.

As for jacket, non-suit jackets are, in fact, fair game.  This means that you can be a little more free with this.  A leather jacket over a white shirt is almost fool-proof.  This also means that you can wear more eclectic jackets should you desire.

Next up, add-ons.  Any look can be elevated by adding a dress scarf (not your military kit please!) in a cool colour or with a pair of kick-ass shoes.  Chelsea boots are a great choice.  They add some rockstar flair if they are black and a western vibe if brown.  They also don’t lace up so you probably won’t be cursing them when you have to put on nice shoes just to eat, only to take them back off again.

LL2 is an awkward time.  Your wardrobe is often not conducive to things you find fun, but hopefully, armed with this knowledge, you may actually want to wear some of your LL2 gear into LL3 and 4 and beyond.

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