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Quotes from the UWO / RMC (M)volleyball match – 14 Nov:

“I think we underestimated them, knowing their record and having played them in the past,” said starting libero Seth Siegfried. “We knew we were going to get the win, but there were a few players that we didn’t expect to see and they came out a lot stronger then we thought. That’s why they took the first set, they took us by surprise.”

“They never give up,” noted head coach Jim Sage. “You can be beating them by whatever score, and it’s like they’re on the battlefield. That’s how they train. It’s not over until it’s over, they’re going to stay the course. My guys will go up and down like a rollercoaster, but RMC is pretty level headed.”


Quote from the UWO / RMC (W) volleyball match – 14 Nov:

“They were very scrappy, said starting setter Katherine Tsiofas. “They’re a great team defensively, and we have to give them credit for that. It was a really good match.”


  • Recent hockey; (M) & (W) volleyball results / Upcoming Games

  • TKD team travel to Cornell University

  • (M) Rugby – Still competing – Still remembering


Recent Results:


Fri. 13 Nov  – RMC 0 @ UQTR 7

Sat 14 Nov  – RMC 3 @ Concordia 6

(W) Volleyball:

Sat 14 Nov  – RMC 0 @ UWO 3

Sun 15 Nov – RMC 1 @ Windsor 3 

(M) Volleyball:

Sat 14 Nov – RMC 1 @ UWO 3

Sun 15 Nov – RMC 0 @ Windsor 3 

Upcoming Games:


RMC @ U of Toronto 7:30 PM – Friday 20 Nov

RMC @ Ryerson 2:30 PM – Saturday – 21 Nov

(W) Volleyball:

Guelph @ RMC 1:00 PM – Sunday – 22 Nov

(M) Volleyball:

Guelph @ RMC 3:00 PM – Sunday – 22 Nov


TKD team travel to Cornell University

By OCdt (III) Ian Douglas Ferrier

Saturday, November 7th I was tasked with driving the RMCC Tae Kwan Do Club down to Cornell University in the USA.  As one of the Cadets in the College with my 404s, or military drivers licence, I am provided with multiple opportunities to take Cadets to appointments and competitions throughout the year.  The drive took about four hours, with stops along the way for food, before spending the night in hotel and the start of the tournament the next day.

The team performed admirably, moving up through several rounds until being defeated by Cornell University during the Yellow Belt competitions.  NCdt Song participated in the Black Belt tournament and won, but was unfortunately disqualified because RMCC could not provide enough Black Belts to continue in the competition.  The team returned that evening after a job well done and prepared for the inspection next morning that would help Cadets prepare for Remembrance Day and the incoming Commandant’s Inspection.


(M) Rugby – Still competing – Still remembering

By OCdt (III) Ian Douglas Ferrier

The RMCC Varsity Men’s Rugby Team faced off against the Canadian Forces College at 2100 hours on Tuesday, November 10th in the Dome.  This traditional game occurs every year against the up-and-coming leaders of the Canadian Armed Forces who are being instilled with the knowledge to lead organizational change and foster the institution.  These leaders are often graduates of RMCC and veterans of Canadian Armed Forces Operations, displaying their motivation and drive both on and off the field.  While the Canadian Forces College was no match for RMCC Rugby, they fought hard and did not waver in their determination to keep fighting in an unwinnable battle.  Afterwards, Cadets had the opportunity to participate in a reception in Bill and Alfie’s, the Cadet Mess, and speak to senior leaders about their experiences and their time in the forces.  I was fortunate enough to meet and officer from my own trade, encouraging me to continue in Army Logistics as a transport officer and specialize in movements – I’ll have to take his word for it, but he shared a variety of notable experiences.

The following morning, Remembrance Day began with an early morning bus ride to the National Military Cemetery with the Men’s Varsity Rugby Team who would participate in the ceremony alongside some of our most experienced leaders such as Special Operations members, Intelligence, and our national police force members, the RCMP.  We were joined by our veterans, the men and women who have left the Canadian Armed Forces to become valued members of society, and whose stories are examples to us all.  After the ceremony, each person on the rugby team found a gravestone of a member of their occupation or branch and placed their poppy on the grave before preparing for the traditional game against the University of Ottawa.

The game was hard fought but eventually lost.  RMCC team members had been injured in the last few games, which resulted in merging the first and seconds team and a tactical failure.  While the team started to come together in the second half, it was a harsh loss after a four year winning streak.  We would return home that evening to prepare for the Drill Competition and Commandant’s Inspection.