Over $47,000 raised in Week 17 of the Battle of the Classes Challenge

We’ve Surpassed Our Goal of $220,000 Thanks to You

Thanks to your continued generosity we have surpassed our fundraising goal of $220,000 and have raised $238,411.16 with 3 weeks left to go in the Battle of the Classes Challenge.

Week 17 was a highlight week with over $47,000 raised for the Colleges.  This week featured some huge jumps in the Top 10 Classes.

The Class of 1976 gains a spot to take 3rd place, the Class of 1955 enters the race with a large donation landing them in 7th place, and a huge move for the Class of 1987 from 63rd place to 5th place this week!

Week 17 also seen a huge increase in individual class donations.  The Classes with the most individual donors are:

  • Class of 1982 – 22 donors
  • Class of 1976 – 19 donors
  • Class of 1981 – 15 donors
  • Class of 1979 – 12 donors
  • Class of 1980 – 12 donors
  • Class of 1975 – 10 donors

Can the Class of 1969 remain in 1st place for the next three weeks, or will the Classes of 1976 and 1979 claim the top spot.  Keep up to date on our website.