Participants Wanted for McGill University Study

Hello, my name is Atta Almasi, a second year Masters student with the Faculty of Education at McGill University. As part of the requirements for my thesis project, under the supervision of Dr. Allison Gonsalves, I am conducting research that seeks to document the experiences of male engineering students who attended and graduated from the Royal Military College of Canada. As such, I am interested in hearing from graduates and members of the RMC alumni community who:
a) Are male and; 
b) graduated from RMC with a bachelor’s degree in engineering between the years of 2014 and 2019. 
The purpose of this study is to explore the ways in which the experiences of male engineering students, attending a predominately male post-secondary institution with a significantly sizeable engineering student population, reveal how male engineering students experience and perceive their type of post-secondary institution’s campus gender climate. 
As someone who attended a single-gender secondary school, took a year long women’s studies course in the final year of my undergrad, and have been examining the relationship between gender and STEM, I’ve noticed how many researchers studying engineering have neglected how male students in engineering and predominately or exclusively male educational environments perceive and experience their campus gender climate. And if these experiences do end up being documented, it is often not independent of how these type of environments also impact upon those of their female counterparts. Ultimately, this project is not to fail to acknowledge the very real experiences that females have and experience in these type of environments, but to explore (instead of the sometimes unintentional tendency to assume) how male students experience the same kinds of educational contexts, and add some much needed scholarship that is lacking in this area.
As you may be aware, this study will require you to reflect on your experiences at RMC as an engineering student. This will be done through the completion of a brief survey (to collect some background demographic information) and your participation in an interview (either in-person or virtually). Identifying information (such as name, school, graduation year, and specific time/place of experiences and people involved) will be changed in the publication of this result to obscure your identity. Additionally, upon the study’s publication, you will receive a copy of the results of the entirety of the research done. Furthermore, you will receive as compensation a gift card for worth $50 in value following your participation in the interview portion of the study. Further instructions will be e-mailed to you prior to the survey and to set up a time/date/location for the follow-up interview. A consent form, further outlining the details of the study, will be included in the subsequent e-mail and must be completed and e-mailed back to the e-mail address below before the initial survey will be sent to you. Ideally, participant availability to complete the in-person or virtually conducted interview will be between now (the 24th of March) and the end of April (i.e. the 30th). Thanks again for showing interest in the research and I look forward to meeting/corresponding with you. 
Thank you, 
Atta Almasi, M.A Student and Researcher
Faculty of Education

McGill University
(647) 551-1860