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Peter Dawe, announces his early retirement as the Club’s Executive Director

Le coin du Président –

“Le 17 mars, j’ai reçu la lettre de démission de notre Directeur Exécutif. Nous sommes en train de finaliser les actes subséquents.

Peter a servi le Club, comme Directeur Exécutif depuis 2001 et pendant son mandat, il a participé à des changements significatifs et en a initié d’autres, le tout dans le but de promouvoir le Club et les services offerts à ses membres.

Son dur labeur, son dévouement, son soutien inconditionnel et son engagement pour le bien-être des membres du Club sont bien reconnus et appréciés de tous.

Le dernier jour de travail de Peter sera, au plus tard, le 10 juin 2011. Ce délai nous permettra de disposer de deux semaines, au plus, pour les actes de remise-reprise qui prendra place à la suite de la réunion conjointe du Conseil Général et du Comité Exécutif prévue pour le 27/28 mai 2011.

Comme je l’ai indiqué dans un autre article publié dans e-VERITAS, le Club continue, pendant cette période de transition, à examiner ses processus d’affaires (ressources humaines, gestion financière, communications). Le Comité Exécutif va s’atteler sous peu à la tâche de mettre en place un processus ouvert et transparent pour procéder au remplacement du Directeur Exécutif.

Peter et sa famille vont rester dans la région de Kingston. Au nom de toutes les employées et de tous les employés, du Conseil Général et du Comité Exécutif et de tous les membres du Club, nous souhaitons à Peter et à son épouse Reine, tous nos meilleurs voeux pour l’avenir et espérons les revoir au Collège et au «Panet House».

Avec nos meilleurs compliments,

The President’s Corner…

On March 17th I received our Executive Director’s letter of notice to depart from his position and we are in the process of finalizing the details.

Peter has served the club in this capacity since 2001 and over that time has seen, participated and initiated several significant changes all intended to improve the Club and the services it offers to its membership. Peter’s hard work, dedication and unconditional support and commitment to the welfare of its members is well recognized by all.

Peter’s last day as ED of our Club will be no later than 10 June 2011. This timeline allows for up to a 2 week turnover following the GC/EC meeting, scheduled for 27-28 May 2011.

As I had indicated in an earlier post in e-VERITAS, the Club continues through its period of transition as the EC continues to examine all of the Club business processes (HR, Financial and Communications). The EC will soon set to the task of establishing an open and competitive process to find a replacement Executive Director.

Peter and his family will remain in the Kingston Area. On behalf the Employees, Executive Committee, General Counsel and the entire membership, we wish Peter and Reine all the best in the future, and hope to see them around the College and Panet House.

Fair winds and following seas.


19307 D.J. Benoit

Président intérimaire / Acting President “


Following is a passage from the Spring 2011 Edition of VERITAS magazine  –

From the Club’s Executive Director, Peter Dawe.

End Note:

For reasons I will not go into I must announce my early retirement as the Club’s Executive Director. Let’s just say that the winds of change are blowing strongly. It would have been 10 years this August had I stayed on and that is a good run by any standard. During this time I have been faced with some tough challenges but with my small team we have managed to get the Club into a strong financial situation while delivering popular services to our members. Bill Oliver and Mary Darlington have been with me since the beginning and, together, we have been able to accomplish a great deal. You will all agree that Mary and Bill are the heart and soul of Panet House. I have enjoyed working with you the membership and, despite my not being an ex-cadet, you have embraced me. I think my best contribution has been producing Veritas. I also think that the challenge of coming up with an important theme every four months and then contacting people for comment has kept my creative juices flowing. Who knew that a combat engineer from Newfoundland would be doing this type of thing after a full career in uniform? But it was a good fit and I enjoyed every minute of it, even selling ads to help pay for producing the magazine! I feel it is a unique and useful alumni publication worthy of the people who read it. With editor Meghan Howard and her husband Ian who did the layout work, the actual process of bringing the magazine together was always a rewarding experience; we did it 16 times in all so something worked well. I will stop there.

May I wish you all well….and TDV!




  • John Wood

    April 18, 2011 at 9:12 am


    We are sad to see you go, you will be sorely missed. Peace and love to you and your family in your well-desreved retirement.

    7830 John Wood

  • Reg Watts

    April 18, 2011 at 10:11 am

    Your contribution to the Club has been immense, and you have set a high standard for your successor. Commitment, energy and positive change have been the hallmarks of your performance. On behalf of the Kingston Branch, I thank you for your service, and although we will miss seeing your cheerful face at Panet House, we hope that you will continue to participate in our local events.
    Enjoy retirement!

    4976 Reg Watts

  • Rick Melanson

    April 18, 2011 at 10:55 am


    May those strong winds of change be favorable to you and your family.

    Kind Regards,

    RMC, 2002

  • Paul Robinson

    April 18, 2011 at 3:32 pm


    As I trust you already know, I – along with so many others – hold you and Reine in the very highest regard. Ex-cadet or not, you have always given above-and-beyond to the Club and have provided excellent leadership in the highest traditions of the College. And you have continued to do so even in the midst of great personal loss which few can even begin to measure

    Thank you for your immense contribution, obvious in so many ways. I count myself privileged to know you!

    8457, Paul Robinson
    Club Chaplain

  • Wayne Mac Culloch

    April 19, 2011 at 5:10 am

    Sad to see you leave, Peter. You’ve done a tremendous job, as I knew you would, and am glad that your background as a MILE from The Rock wasn’t held against you. May you and Reine enjoy more time together!

    CHIMO! & TDV!

    10588 Wayne Mac Culloch

  • 5543 Jim Butler

    April 19, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    Dear Peter;

    You can be very proud of the progress that the Ex-Cadet club has made during your tenure. You are a credit to your background, your university and your MILE branch.

    Enjoy your retirement.

    Thank you

  • Mike Hooper

    April 22, 2011 at 11:23 am


    Calling you Peter (rather than Sir or Mr. Dawe) always feels awkward as you are one of those rare individuals who possess such poise and distinction – and who commands such admiration and respect from all those with the good fortune to cross your path – that you are, in my mind, first and always a ‘senior officer’ and role model.

    I still recall our first meeting while I was completing my Post-Graduate work at RMC; I had taken issue with the cancellation of the Rugby program and found incredible support in yourself and the Ex-Cadet Club. You were directly responsible for opening my eyes to all the great work that is done by the Club and its many devoted staff, volunteers and supporters. Since that time I have been an active member of the Club and expect that I will remain so for life. I’m quite certain that many others would say you’ve had a similar influence.

    I certainly hope that your departure doesn’t mean an end to hearing from and about you and yours, and I agree with the comments above that you leave shoes that are impossible to fill.


    Mike Hooper

  • Michel & Barbara Maisonneuve

    April 24, 2011 at 7:12 pm

    Peter has been the heart and soul of the Club, the magasine and Panet House. His work and efforts were relentless in making a success of Veritas and the ongoing unity of the Colleges, the Club and ex-Cadets everywhere. We will miss you at Panet House, we salute your success and wish you the very best in all your future endeavours. Your successor has enormous combat boots to fill! Looking forward to seeing you in Kingston. Our best to you and Reine, Barbara & Michel Maisonneuve