Physical Education Curriculum Keeping Fresh…

Physical Education Curriculum keeping fresh with the addition of two new classes

As a IV year OCdt enjoying the beautiful scenery from the Commands Field, one may ask “How could this be any better”. One would also say “perhaps adding Canada’s National Sport to the RMC PE curriculum”. That’s right sport fans, this year the sport of Field Lacrosse was introduced to both the II and IV year PE classes. The addition proved to be immediately popular, as during PE registration, all lacrosse classes maxed out. Those participants were not left disappointed. The course ran over eight weeks, introducing the rules of the game, fundamental stick handling and offensive and defensive strategies.

4 Sqn (IV) OCdt Fillmore took the time to answer a couple of questions:

1. How do you feel lacrosse was received by the IV year class, do you think it should continue as a PE course?

There is no doubt in my mind that lacrosse should continue as a PE course. The majority of the class had no experience wielding a lacrosse stick before entering this class, and the excitement to learn this mysterious sport was obvious. Since the whole class started with little foundation, yet with an open mind, students were often laughing, poking fun, or congratulating one another as they played and their skills progressed, which added to the environment of the class. Once the basics of the game were established, a competitive spirit grew amongst peers to show off exactly what each individual had learned. It is difficult to succeed at the game of lacrosse as a single player, yet amongst a team it is quite easy. This PE class was valuable in teaching a new skill set, yet also in imbedding the reliance on other teammates to succeed. For the above reasons, I believe that Lacrosse is an excellent component of the RMC PE program.

2. Do you think Lacrosse should be integrated into the IM program? If so, why?

I think that Lacrosse would be an excellent addition to the IM program. While resources are limited, as is the number of available students to contribute to an additional IM, Lacrosse would be an excellent opportunity for students to learn about Canada’s summer national sport. Hockey (Ice/Ball) is currently the only IM where players require a stick. If someone is not interested in joining a hockey IM, Lacrosse offers the opportunity to play a sport with a stick where one can develop his or her hand-eye coordination. As experienced in the IV year gym class, Lacrosse will likely develop a competitive environment where players are driven to improve their own skill, and enjoy facing opponents who are generally all around the same skill level. Intramural Lacrosse would offer an excellent opportunity for students to play a competitive, team-oriented sport that few students at the college have ever played before. The Royal Military College of Canada, should most definitely have one of Canada’s national sports offered as an IM.

The RMC PE department would like to thank OCdt Boyden who was instrumental in the delivery of the Lacrosse program. As a National level coach, referee and athlete, OCdt Boyden provided the class a great learning environment.

In addition to Lacrosse, Yoga was also added this year. Yoga was offered to the IV year class. It was eight weeks long and gave the OCdts an opportunity to further their knowledge base in the field of yoga. Each class involved a theoretical portion, in which they were presented with a significant amount of material concerning the objectives of health and wellness. Following the theory portion each class they were introduced to the different practices of yoga including Hatha, Ashtanga, Bikram and Vinyasa flow.


10 Sqn DCSL (IV) OCdt MacDonald has the following feedback from her experience in the class:

1. Why do you feel the continued integration of yoga into the RMC PE curriculum is important?

I think Yoga’s integration into the PE program is important because yoga is often seen as a more feminine workout, as it is non-contact and, depending on the style, rather low key. I think it’s good to show the guys that it can actually be an intense and difficult work-out and that you do actually feel benefits throughout your body.

I think it would be best to have as portion of the 2nd year gym class so that everyone would have the opportunity to experience it.

2. What was your favorite style of yoga that you prefer and why?

I enjoyed doing power and hot yoga the best, because it actually feels like you’re getting a workout. Some of the other kinds were interesting to learn though. I also really enjoyed how the PSP staff presented these workouts to us. They were very down to earth with us, letting us laugh at awkward poses and stuff, which created a comfortable environment for us to learn in.

3. On the last class, there was a “field trip” to a hot yoga studio in down town Kingston. How was this experience?

I really enjoyed the trip to the hot yoga studio downtown, but I don’t know if I can speak for the entire class when I say that. I know one of the guys was frustrated when he wasn’t allowed to leave the room, and some of them just didn’t like the conditions, but I think in general, most people enjoyed the challenge.

I think a better place for first timers would be Samatva or a non-Bikram studio. From my experience, Bikram yoga is very strict and kind of merciless, so a lot of people feel trapped and frustrated. Samatva, I think, would be a little more inviting to new-comers.

The RMC PE department would also like to thank the CFB Kingston Fitness Instructors for their support in assisting with the delivery of the Yoga program. Their input and expertise was key to ensuring we met the programs objectives.