PMT: Operation Honour; Sgt & PO2 Differences; Fun 4km Ruck March; & World Events as they Relate to the Military


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PMT – Last Week:

  • First Years – Operation Honour;
  • Second Years – Sgt & PO2 Differences;
  • Third Years – Fun 4km Ruck March; and
  • Fourth Years – World Events as they Relate to the Military

Professional Military Training: 9th March – Summary coordinated with thanks by

26719 OCdt (IV) Melvin Day


This week the first year officer cadets at RMC participated in a small group engagement activity focused on Operation Honour.

Gathering in small groups led by senior cadets, an environment was created where open discussion about sexual assault and sexual misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces could take place. Operation Honour is taken very seriously at RMC and the small groups allowed for each cadet to speak and foster meaningful conversation on the topic.

The conversations that occurred focused on types of sexual misconduct and assault, consent, and what to do if you are a victim or witness of sexual misconduct.

The briefing provided a great experience and meaningful lessons through the ability to ask questions and share experiences. The discussion surrounding real life experiences shared by cadets allowed me to better understand how to apply what I was learning and know what to do if confronted with a situation.

This briefing was a reminder that is not only our duty as Canadian Armed Forces members but our duty as human beings to take care of each other at all times. This briefing has raised my awareness towards sexual misconduct and has inspired me to help do my part to eliminate it from the Canadian Armed Forces.

27585 OCdt James Hammond


On the 9th of March the RMC second year cadets attended a briefing on the role of the sergeant in the Army and the PO2 in the Navy.

A sergeant took the opportunity to conduct the briefing in French, giving cadets much needed practice in their second language abilities. Through videos and personal experiences, the sergeant expressed to cadets that sergeants are an imperative part of the Army responsible for setting the example and leading sections in stressful situations.

This was followed by a PO1 who highlighted the differences between the PO2 role in the Navy and the sergeant in the Army. He explained how various trades would employ their PO2’s differently to maximize their effectiveness.

In the Navy, engineers are the backbone of the operation, and in charge of making sure the ship is always running at its full capacity in order to be able to accomplish its mission. After this briefing cadets had a new understanding of the role of the sergeant in the Army and the difference between their Navy counterparts.

27389 NCdt Shannon O’Reilly


Sorry, no third year photos of the ruck march; as the class got away before our photographer, Luke, arrived.

On the 9th of March, 2016, the 3rd year class conducted a 4km ruck march for the week’s PMT session. Everyone formed up in front of Fort Lasalle and a couple of our squadron NCO’s lead us around for the morning. We began our trek from the parade square out towards the main gate to RMC, up the hill to Fort Henry, back down and through the gate once more, and finished back at the parade square after taking in the view of the lake thawing around the point of the peninsula. The weather was cool and the wind was light; the perfect combination for a late winter ruck.

Breaks from the normal classroom routine like these are great throughout the year. Especially seeing as we don’t get a lot of opportunities to do some of the more active aspects of our military training on a regular basis. And after numerous PMT lectures on military writing and documentation, anything is better than death by PowerPoint, and a little fresh air never hurts either.

That being said, the ruck was still a good time! During opportunities like these, we tend to make the most of the situations we find ourselves in. Lots of people were sharing jokes, one guy brought a portable speaker and compensated the extra weight in his ruck with some epic tunes, and others were offering encouragement to those who were having a hard time with the pace. These small acts of comradery all contributed to the overall experience of the ruck, aside from the physical side of things. We started as a group and finished together as well. After a quick cooldown stretch, we returned to our daily routines and continued on with our day.

All in all, I’d say it was a successful march.

27007 NCdt William Farrington


This Wednesday during PMT the fourth year class was presented with a briefing that was both educational and interesting. We were given a briefing on world events as they relate to the military.

I think that such a briefing is very useful to us as we should be aware of the events.

The briefing allowed us to discuss these events and show our input on the events that were brought up, either as a class or as individuals. It was interesting to see all the different opinions of the fourth year cadets that were present.

Even though we have all lived through similar experiences in our past four years, we still have different views on what goes on around us. It is important for us as officers to be able to speak with our subordinates about national events even if we ourselves may not consider them important.

This briefing exposed us to the reality of keeping current with events as an officer and was overall one of the better PMTs that we have had.

26734 OCdt Brody Conrad

 Photos by Luke Brannigan, Acting Sub-Lieutenant – More photos here